Small Bag Lovers


Nov 13, 2006
Now that the weather has improved I've downsized to somewhat smaller bags. The one I'm carrying now is a black pebbled leather Dolce & Gabbana pushlock satchel. It's only 11x10 but has plenty of space now that I don't need to pack gloves, umbrella etc all the time. The weather has finally improved. Is anybody else downsizing their bag for 'decent weather reasons'?
Jul 21, 2006
Nah! I don't think I will. I pulled a small Francesca Biasia bowler out of my closet the other day that I used to wear all the time, and after upsizing my bags, I couldn't believe how small that bag was. I felt like I was carrying around a child's bag. Preferences change all the time.

Stormy Heart

HellBent for Leather
Apr 10, 2008
My standard is a 5x6" flat crossbody. Once I was called back (UH OH)after passing security at the courthouse and the lady Officer just wanted to know How could I get along with that !
If out all day at the gallery, it's a xl bag to carry whatever leather I'm sewing that day and my eeePC.
No in-betweens for me !