Small Bag Collection - thoughts please!

Nov 16, 2020
Started pulling together some photos of my existing handbags tonight in an effort not to purchase another! I prefer a small collection with a max of 10. These are my current bags and open to thoughts on which to sell and replace. Two I won’t sell is the Lady Dior and the Alma. I also use the briefcase for work. Thanks and looking forward to your thoughts!

In order:

white lady dior with silver hw
lv Alma pm
boyy Bobby 16
Longchamp travel le pilage
celine sangle in red suede
Marc Jacobs the saddle
Chloe faye bracelet bag
Danse lente phoebe
Lv Porte documents











Dec 6, 2020
It’s quite hard to keep it at 10 to be honest
I know , I thought I had 9 but then found a large black leather bag that I never use.

a friend offered me a burgundy Radley to buy-I’m scared of dogs although I have several cats, but I suggested a swap of my beige mock crock bag and the black one for her Radley…if she liked my bags(they’re both in perfect condition ), I’d be back to 9, and looking for no.10.
When I lived in Paris I had over 30 but when I moved out sold some and gave away others…my ideal would be a great collection of 10, then if I wanted a new one to sell one or wait until one wore out…I used to have a Chanel and a Dior, the Chanel got lost in the move and I sold the Dior because my phone didn’t go in it-same problem with the Jitrois but I think that would be hard to sell but possible ok to swap…