Small Bag and Wallet Collection

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  1. Here's a photo of my modest collection of designer purses; all of them are stored in the glass shelf except the one I'm currently using - a small black hobo. It's been over a year since I last purchased a bag so I'm very excited for my Samara orders to arrive! I'm very thrilled to be adding vegan to my collection this time. 1.jpg 2.jpg
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  2. You have a beautiful, well curated collection :flowers: thank o for sharing!
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  3. Beautiful collection and nice diversity!
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  4. I love your collection. It looks so thoughtfull and coördinated.

    May I ask why do are switching to vegan leather? And which bag(s) you picked? I hope they arrive soon.
  5. Thank you. I keep my collection small - I've sold 1 bag and donated a few over the span of 10 years. I know what I want and will only buy an item I know will provide a good return (i.e. I will be using it enough). I also don't like money sitting in the shelf so I make it a point to use what I have and shop my closet before buying something new.

    I'm switching to vegan because I want my consumption habits to be more consistent across the board, ranging from the food I eat to the clothes I wear (this includes shoes and bags). I still ingest meat here and there but I try to keep it to a minimum.

    I recommend watching this documentary: . It provides insight into how much it truly costs to provide for our lust for luxury. The scene that broke my heart is the part where fur manufacturers skinned the rabbits alive - the documentary doesn't show the gruesome act but you can hear the poor animals crying in pain. That's simply not fair. We have absolutely no right to take another sentient being's life for the sake of vanity. I enjoy looking at and owning beautiful leather pieces so I'm in a constant struggle torn between morality and my human desire to consume, but I try to think beyond my needs and understand that this world is for us to share with all the living beings that inhabit our planet.

    Going back to your question, I purchased these items from a company named Samara. I obtained a discount code so I got these for slightly less than retail. I'm counting the days 'til they arrive! Two weeks can't come soon enough.


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  6. beautiful collection
  7. Thank you. Nice profile photo!
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