Small Antigona crossbody

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  1. hi all!
    I searched but can’t seem to find this answer ...
    Is anyone using the small Antigona (not mini) with a longer crossbody strap?
  2. I've not tried this before, but I don't think the small Antigona would work too well carried crossbody, given its depth and how bulky it is... It's around 6.5" deep (my measurement), deeper than the mini Antigona by 1.5" (based on online measurements) -- which can be a lot when it's the depth you're measuring!

    If you're thinking more of carrying the bag on the shoulder but with a longer strap (even longer than the current shoulder strap length on the small Antigona), that should still work. I've tried this with a medium Antigona (using a wider strap to distribute weight better), though not with the small yet. Crossbody, though, wouldn't work, IMHO...

    Hope this helps!
  3. Thank you! Appreciate it