Small and Sweet <3

  1. i just wanted to share my lv items with the gang. so here we go!

    *she was my first lv. i got her during a trip to europe in milan

    *my second. during the same trip, i got her in venice. i've never seem marshmallow before so i had to have it.

    *after joinging tPF, my first lv purchase

    *my lastest :heart:

    i want to add a couple more items like a wallet and an epi piece.
    i don't know if i want the epi speedy or jasmin? what do you guys recommend?
  2. Gorgeous stuff! Congrats on the new bag! I would recommend epi speedy because it fits a lot.
  3. Beautiful collection!! LOOOOVE the white MC!!
  4. love your collections..speedy 25 is my first LV too..still love her..
  5. Thank you for sharing your GORGEOUS collection!:yes:
  6. Gorgeous! Love the Manhattan!
  7. Oh! I :love: :love: :love: the Pouchette (is that the right name?)!! A small bag like that is what I want my next purchase to be! And the Manhattan...hubba, hubba!
    (stupid question?: Can you carry the pastel vernis in the winter months? Or is it a spg/summer only?)
  8. You are absolutely rocking that Manhattan! I'm so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. speedy

  10. i rarely get to carry the Mallory (the pink vernis) cuz it's too small for my everyday things. i used it when i go to dinners or clubbing all 4 seasons. i do not discriminate according to season. i paid $, therefore i shall use it whenever i want to.. hehehehehe:yahoo:
  11. And...good answer...I'm rolling w/that too then!:yes:
  12. beautiful!
  13. gorgeous!! LOVE IT ALL! :biggrin: I have the same mallory square and love it! not something you see very often. thanks for sharing!
  14. nice collection:yes:
  15. congrats:love: