small and medium classic...

  1. I've seen many medium classic flap around...but I dont think I ever saw a small classic, I wonder how much smaller is the small compare to the med and the E/W...does anyone have a pic of them to share? thanks.
    I got a med (but dont get to see it yet) but now I'm thinking of a small or maybe a E/W, I thought these two looks younger, and the E/W is alot cheaper than the med....any thoughts?:confused1:
    thanks ladies.
  2. I think the small is just an inch shorter than the medium, not much difference IMO. I was contemplating on the e/w initially but decided to get the Medium instead. It's such a classic. The price difference between the Small and Medium isn't big right? Stick to the medium! :tup:
  3. thank you Aurora, what leather did you get it in?
    I original wanted a E/W.. its so much cheaper ($600 cheaper?) than the med...but i couldnt find a white one so I bought a med in black I'm not too sure, I haven seen it irl..wonder how big it'd looks.
  4. There's also a "mini" flap which is about the size of a VHS tape cut in half. :yes:
  5. I've seen pics of the mini and I'm not a fan :nogood: its too small for my taste.
    thank you.
  6. Caviar. I'm sure you will love yours once it arrives :smile:
    I agree that the e/w is alot cheaper and holds the same amount of stuff as the medium. But somehow the look and feel just isn't the same, just think about the price of the medium after the price increase and you'll feel much better! That's what I tell myself. :graucho:
  7. I actually agree with you, I don't like it much either.
  8. ^ Me neither!
  9. ITA The look and feel of the E/W is just not the same as the Medium. There is probably only about $100 difference between the Small, I would keep the Medium! Mini sounds cute, but not practical!
  10. I would not be able to imagine fitting anything of mine into the Mini :| Definitely impractical.

    White E/W's are so hot :smile:
  11. yes they are! but unfortunately I cant find one in white, I've seen the black today and decided to keep the med. the small classic is also cute and its just abit smaller than the med.

    Channel boutique called them: s, m, l and xl
    the SA at the HR called them: mini, s, l, jumbo

    I've never been so confused.
  12. For some reason, the mini strikes me as being a cute little bag for a very very rich 8 year old girl.
  13. Is there a comprehensive website somewhere with all the bags on it? I had a look at the Chanel one but it doesnt have everything... why??
  14. I believe this would be that site :lol:
    Check the reference section.
  15. Yesterday I purchased my first ever chanel! It was a huge deal for me because I am a college student and am not exactly rolling in $$. I decided on the classic flap in caviar (because I want to take it out at night without worrying about destroying it) and I got the small size (9 x 5 x 2 i believe) because I have a very very small frame (size 00) and thought the medium looked too big on me, especially for evening. I'm wondering now if I made the right decision... I see that the medium size seems to be the most popular and i know that it truly the "classic" chanel bag. Should I return the small for a medium, or stick with what i thought suits me best?