Small amount Infor regarding Spring/Summer 2007

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  1. I have been on the phone today to see if the meeting of the Managers has taken place for the new style Fendi bags including the Spys.

    I have been told the meeting will be on the 11, 12, 13th December for the Managers to meet the new bags. The main Fendi store in Slone St has had a small "taster" of what bags are coming, as we know their is going to be a lot of PVC bags (saw this on the runway), they have seen one of the spys, which I gather is a limited edition it will be Purple, White and Black with lots of beads.

    Sorry I have not more info. but will know what the spys will be after the 13th December, this is in England, I do not know if anyone wants to check their local Fendi in America to see if they know any more.
  2. PVC! do you mean fake leather? :nuts:
  3. Plastic is PVC yes some of the Fendi bags will be made of this, not the spy's the Purple/white/black spy I think will be like the past seasons limited edition spy, others will be in leather
  4. limited edition it will be Purple, White and Black with lots of beads <<:drool::drool::drool: ME DANCE NAKED TO SEE THIS BAG :drool::drool:
  5. I checked with someone at Fendi in NYC yesterday but I think he may be a little low on the Fendi chain to know anything. I wanted an eggplant spy not sure if I need the beads. What's up with all the designers (LV, Dior, Fendi) doing arts and crafts on the bags.
  6. Hi,

    I'm new to this forum, usually I buy my bags from Europe.
    Just talked from boutique buyer in Europe, confirmed Fendi spy in pvc, there will be a black and red one, other colours also available. Here are pics of Fendi in Black and red. The black one looks grey to me, but they said it's black.


  7. Gosh I am sorry. I am a big Spy Fan but these are horrendous! they look like bin liners!

    Lets hope the other ones are better!
    Sorry if I have upset anyone- just personal taste

  8. Do not worry nearly everyone on here does not like these bags, they call them Garbage bags.......LOL leather ones should be out soon
  9. I've seen those in Paris boutique not a fan.. they look like a puffy jacket! IMO
  10. 10 days and counting before I might here any thing. Wondered if someone in the US could get in touch with their SA and see if they know anything

    Cannot wait....patience was not my strong point:wondering
  11. Those new PVC bags are horrendous. What is going on with Fendi lately? Don't mess with leather and just come up with more interesting colors!!!

    Seriously!!! What is fashionable about those bags? I'd be very embarrassed to be seen carrying them.


  12. I quite agree Fendihunter, I have often wished I could get the Fendi designers in a room and say "this is what we want, bags in nappa leather and more colours". What we need is a petition got together and send it to Fendi main offices (where ever that is)

  13. Fendi is known for their crazy bags. They pride themselves on their uniqueness of handbags. Most their bags have something that makes it look like a piece of art work. Also, the president of Fendi North America has an office right above the store. SO they are pretty high up on the Fendi chain. They ae good source of info.
  14. I don't doubt others at the store are in the know. My guy was not, he did not know about thew new blueberry. He keeps pushing the garbage bags.
  15. those 'pvc' spies are the fendi x moncler collab.....