Small agendas have different monogram placement/alignment? Why?

  1. This is my small agenda, but when i look through the agenda club others look different. Some of us have the ones aligned like mine. Others have the LV smack dab in the middle and the flower on the snap closure is the square one, mine is the round on the snap closure and 2 LV's on the cover.

    here is mine, similar to some:


    here is one (pic from fashionfile on eBay) similar to others

    Did they change at some point? or did they always come out different for some? what up?
  2. Anyone? no way mine could be fake, right? i got it from elux. Maybe i'll take it to an LV tmrw.
  3. It's because of the way the canvas is cut, I think.
  4. For bags i think they cut it and lay it so they all have the same placement though, no? i could be so wrong about that, but i think every speedy is the same.
  5. If they did it all the same for small agendas, because of the size, it would waste fabric. That's my theory anyway.
  6. THat's very strange. They do indeed always put the same pattern on most things.
  7. I think i won't sweat it. I just looked through all the agenda club photos and the Koala is the same way, some have different alignment than others. I like my double non-centered LV better i think. So it's all good. Just happy that it's not a fake. : )
  8. I've the small agenda like the second pic...which I bought in 2002...

    The LVs are cut (up & down), so may be it's like Jane said
  9. I got mine from elux also, maybe in 2003, it has the LV in the center with the flower on the snap. I also think it's just the way the canvas was cut!
  10. Thanks. this makes sense. : ). I wonder why there are so many more with the center LV. hmmm. Wierd.