small agenda pen/pencil?

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  1. anyone know where i can get a pencil that will fit into my small agenda? as much as i love LV's, i can't bear the thought of buying a $180 pencil that i might lose... :rolleyes:does the filofax one fit?
  2. I don't know about the filofax, but I bought the Tiffany & Co, turqoise blue pen with gold trim and it's just beautiful inside my small agenda and fits perfectly. It was under $100.
  3. i also use a tiffany pen. i absolutely love it- it's so pretty and i use it all the time!
  4. I use a small tiffany pen too, the sterling purse pen with the T clip, which also happens to be my initial too, T for Trish. it was the only pen i could find to fit!
  5. I found this pen - the violet color really nicely matches the new violette vernis! It's a little tight when you first put it in, but you can slowly stretch it out a bit and it fits snugly. Also great that it has no cap to lose! Plus it's only like $6 at my local stationery store. :smile:
  6. Love the idea of the Fisher stowaway, have to look that one up.

    There have been other threads on this subject. I found a mini Zebra set that fit perfectly.
  7. Google the Walkie pen, its small too. It was on clearanc at NM for $7 and I paid $20.
  8. I think the original LV pens are so cool on an LV agenda.