Small Agenda NM?

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  1. I was trying to purchase a small 6 ring agenda couple of days ago and the 1-8000 SA told me that there were only 2 left in Canada and that there were some changes expected to the agenda. He didn't know what changes and what price the NM would be.

    Just wondering if someone here has any news.

    I ended up ordering the old model since I am almost afraid of what useless changes they would make and hike up the price (like changes to speedy, delightful, vernis cles).
  2. You made a great choice. Changes will only be negative. It's been that way lately almost across the board. Grab it and run.
  3. The regular Agenda PM is still available in France in all prints. I am not sure why it would redesigned... but it's possible I guess. It has not been redesigned in two decades. Maybe someone else has any actual information about this topic?
  4. I'd love to find out more information about this as well.
  5. I asked my Sa for knowing if nm agenda Will be available in April and.. He did not know. All are still available in french website. we Will see in few weeks :graucho:
  6. Curious what is nm? Is that between pm and mm? I was planning on purchasing a pm this week.
  7. It's only a rumor that the agenda is going to be remodeled... but I have not heard anything about it that is consistent or from a reliable source. I personally don't believe the agenda is about to be remodeled.

    NM = nouveau modèle
    PM = petit modèle
    MM = moyen modèle
    GM = grand modèle