Small agenda & Filofax

  1. For those of you who have the small agenda & order stuff from Filofax.....what "size" of accessories should I pick? I want to get those zip pouch & credit card inserts. Anyone get the hold puncher from filofax too? Is this the right link?
  2. I use the pocket sized credit card holder and zip pouch with my small agenda, they work great.
  3. You want to get the "pocket" sized accessories for your small agenda.
  4. Yup. I have the pocket size for my small agenda and its so miuch more affordable than LV refills:yes:
  5. Interesting info. I have to look into these for my damier koala agenda. Thanks for the tips!
  6. I got the LV refill for mine cause I like lines on the pages (I tend to write with too much of a slant to have a refill without lines (LOL!). However, I did buy the Filofax alphabet tabs with the cream colored lined sheets and am using that instead of the LV address book that came with my full set originally. I like it SO much better. I can use as many or as few lines for each page, and if someone dies or something, I can just put a new page in for the letter so I don't have any cross outs. I matches beautifully and I can have more pages between the letters that have more entries (i.e., S, or B or something) and less for Q or Z. The tabbies are coarser paper than in the LV address book, so it stays nicer and doesn't get bent (if by chance your agenda comes open in your bag and the sheets get bent. I never liked how the LV address book was set up - so this is SO nice. Just an alternative. Personally, I don't like the filofax refills because of the lack of lines, so this is kind of a mix between the two. My agenda looks so pretty with the LV calendar pages and the filofax address portion.