small agenda comes in amarante?

  1. i couldnt see it online with the color option, does anyone know whether it comes in this color for the small agenda?

  2. They probably just haven't updated it, the small agenda has come in all of the last colors so I don't know why they wouldn't make an Amarante one too.
  3. ^^^ thanks i need something in that color.
  4. You're welcome!
    Another way to see it for now is to just type in "Amarante" into the LV site and it'll show you what pieces will be available, just no pics yet.
  5. ^^^ thanks again i just did so on the wensite but the agenda did not comes up.

    well i'll wait til next week where the SA said the color will be officially be available in store, i'll check with them again.
  6. Yea, im sure they make. Either that or ive been imagining seeing it.
  7. I think i will make it in the amarante.