Small Accessories - Rouge Vif or Rouge Vermillion


Which Rouge?

  1. Rouge Vif

  2. Rouge Vermillion

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  1. Help me decide - I'm getting a small accessory in RED :graucho:

    I like RVif because it is so vibrant, but I also like RVermillion because it is lighter and the hardware stands out more.

    Which do you prefer? Thanks! :flowers:

    Visual aids:

    Murasaki's gorgeous Rouge Vermillion Day


    LV Lady's Rouge Vif Box

  2. I say Vermillion.:yes:
  3. Vermillion
  4. Vermillion:yes:
  5. Vermillion, mostly because it will probably be much easier to find at this point!!
  6. Thank you ladies, this is very helpful! Karma!

    Also, what is your opinion not taking into account availability?
  7. I say RV b/c I've seen vermillion IRL and it just didn't look like that to me. I disliked the slight orange cast.
  8. Rouge vif - it's a richer red, which I prefer... but both are very pretty
  9. I say rouge vif. I just saw both today irl and the rouge vif in person is much prettier than in photos. It's actually deeper irl than in photos. I'm sure it depends on the bag as well. My new whistle has amazing leather and it's the vif. It reminds me of a cherry red/ a blue red. The vermillon is more of an orange red.
  10. If I saw vermillion I don't remember it. But I know that ROUGE VIF is simply stunning. Here's my rv purse :love:
  11. For a small is red. I like both rouge_vif and rouge_vermillion...either will be nice as a wallet or toilet case or coin purse...