Small Accessories Opinions, please!

  1. Hey, everyone...I am already thinking of my next LV conquests! :yes: I know that I want a small ring agenda and a cles. Which one should I get:

    1) Fuschi vernis small ring agenda and black multicolor cles
    2) Black multicolor small ring agenda and fuschia cles.

    The ONLY thing that I am worried about is color transfer in regards to the vernis and the staining/darkening of the vachetta on the black multicolor...what do you all think??? :confused1: :shrugs: Thanks!:shame: :lol:
  2. I would take number 2. Lovely stuff on both options though.
  3. I would go for #2 as well. I love the vernis, but we all know it's a bit more fragile, so for day in and day out use, like agenda, mc might be a better idea :smile:
  4. Definitely number 2, I prefer the small vernis cles to the black MC cles.
  5. By fuchsia you must mean framboise, because they didn't make an agenda in fuchsia vernis.

    Anyways, I'd go for vernis. Its beautiful:smile:
  6. Both options are great but I really want the small ring agenda in pink so I'd probably pick that. Though I was just bad is the colour transfer on vernis bags b/c I love the pink lol. :smile:
  7. Framboise or Fuchsia? Fuchsia is discontinued. A Fuchsia cles will be hard to find, only on resale, and when you do, it will be expensive ~$300 or more.
  8. I have #1 (well with framboise) and they are holding up wonderful! The reason I don't like the MC for the agenda is that you touch it too much which discolors the vachetta.....Either combo IMO is a good choice, but just FYI, I've been using my Framboise Vernis agenda pm for over a month now every day as a wallet and NOTHING has happened to it......I really think MC and Vernis are equally fragile/highmaintenance......
  9. ^^ I agree with Lola! If you're gonna have the black MC as the agenda, maybe the snap close part (which is vachetta) will get really dark, darker than the rest of the vachetta, fast because you'll always be touching it to open and close the agenda, and it will look sad. :sad:
  10. Thanks guys!! Yes I did mean frambroise BTW...sorry about any confusion:smile:

    Lola and Ilikepenguins confirmed what I had been worried about...I dislike the look of the patinad leather, so I think that I am going to get the black MC cles and the frambroise vernis agenda.

    Thanks so much to all for your opinions:smile: You ladies all have some great ideas and lovely things!
  11. Can't wait to see pics when you get it!!!
  12. cant wait to see the pics!! the framboise agenda will be a beauty!
  13. I pick fuchsia anything but you're going to have fun locating them. Now may come up on ebay and when they do the generally go for a high price.

  14. Good choice, like I said, I have those exact two pieces and get a lot of use out of them and they still look great! The black MC cles didn't wear nearly as much as I expected given the amount of keys I hang off of it and how much I use it!
  15. LOL OK you guys are going to kill me...I made up my mind (I think!!) to get the medium damier agenda and the black MC cles.
    Two questions though:

    1- Lola, where did u find the clear pouch for your change? I looked on filofax and the container store but they just have ones that have that slidelock kinda like a large ziplock bag:sad:

    2- with a cles, can you fit you car key along with its automatic entry keypad?? Does anyone have pics of this? Thanks!!

    PS-- I still am lusting after a vernis piece, but I think that I will save my $$ and buy a Bedford EVENTUALLY (AKA in the verrrrry distant future!!):lol: