Small accessories - a waste of money?

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  1. Probably a stupid question on an LV forum haha but does anyone think the accessories are a waste of money? There are a lot of accessories that I want, such as, the Azur cles, Vernis cles, MC wapity but I don't really need them or have a use for them. I just like them because I think they're cute. Was thinking of getting a cles and clipping it to the d-ring inside my neverfull & keeping my lipbalms in there so i don't have to dig around. Dumb idea?
  2. You must be crazy for thinking it's a waste of money!!
    You're already thought of how to use it, so of course it's going to be of good use! lol.

    No questions are dumb questions.
    So to answer straight: accessories = :okay:
  3. I think its great to buy LV accs as long as you are going to use them ;)
  4. I use all my accessories EVERY day. I have 3 cles', a pochette, 6 key holder, a wallet, and a wapity
  5. eek don't shoot me, but i think accessories are a waste of money. well more accurately, i think of it as money i could be using to go toward a new bag.

    some ladies here pull off scarves and bag charms amazingly. i just can't see myself doing that.

    the only LV accessories i do have is a pochette wallet and a mono cles for my keys.
  6. I love LV's small accessories. And I use them a lot, including the MC Wapity. So IMO it's not a waste of money at all.
  7. I don't usually buy so many accessories, but I think they are so adorable and they make the purse look so pretty as well. They create a great fashion statement with the owner as a whole.
  8. Well at first when I joined the forum, I though there was no way I am buying the accessories when I can just buy bags which are more worth it.

    Now I have totally change my mind, I got a monogram cles, just bought the graffiti charm and I have 2 wallets and 1 bandeau on the way.

    Accessorizing is good!
  9. Besides the one wallet I own recently I purchased a couple of accessories and I must say I love them. First to get was a vernis key and change holder. I hated that my keys were in my bag exposed to scratch my wallet so now that they are contained I feel much better and went so far as to buy a vernis sara wallet because I know it wont get scratched up by the keys. The other accessory I picked up was a brown denim mono bandeau. It totally softened up the look of my structured looking Trouville which is my everyday purse. I think accessories do have their purpose and if needed to fullfill that purpose its not a waste.
  10. I use my accessories everyday: 6 keyholder ebene, 4 keyholder vernis violette, agenda cover in red epi. I don't think they're a waste of money as long as you'll use them.
  11. I get more use of small accessories than most of my bags so no I don't think it's a waste of money waste would be if it was something disposable...
  12. I have too many for my own good but I just could not resist getting them anyway! ;)
  13. Well I love most of the accessories LV do but I buy the ones I like the most and will use, I like the Vernis cosmetic cases and wanted all the colours then... I thought hang on:idea: ...... i'm not going to use these! so to avoid wasting money i'm getting a mono cosmetic case instead, i've decided to keep my accessories that won't really be seen mono and I have a weakness for bandeaus so that can't be helped!

    :thinking: .....I need to get a Mono 4 key holder, mono Agenda & a mono cosmetic case then i'm done for internal accessories
  14. Hmmm to me its kind of a waste of money because I don't think I need it them. I rather use the money on another bag.
  15. they are a great idea if you have a use for them or lots of extra money to use. but if you dont have use for them than i would not tell anyone to get them.