Sm Classic Flap vs Sqr vs Rect Mini vs ex Mini vs WOC


Dec 12, 2020
Curious if you ladies feel a mini rectangle with top handle is too redundant from a capacity perspective for a collection that already has a mini coco handle, mini square and WOC? I also have a medium CF but I also don’t feel that holds a ton. I haven’t tried on mini rectangle (with or without top handle) to get a gauge on capacity but feeling like it could be redundant even though I love the look. The bag I really want is a trendy CC which I think would be a lot better for capacity than my current collection, but the mini top handle rectangle is so tempting too…. I think mini rectangle top handle has similar capacity as non top handle version?

Personally I find the mini rect and the top handle mini rect has the same capacity. My favourite part is actually the top handle, because I ended using the handle more than the strap (which is thinner and I saw somewhere that the strap has issues with durability so you may want to take that into consideration). Also, because the top handle strap is non adjustable, I find it less casual since i use the top handle more as the strap length makes the bag hangs low on me. As compared to the mini rect whose strap can be shortened with the shortener clip, I end up using my mini rect more often for more casual handsfree days.

Capacity wise, my mini rects both holds more than my mini square, and I foresee it would hold more than a (extra) mini cch due to the segregated compartment (I don't have this!). That being said, I don't carry a lot hence minis work well for me. If you're looking at a bag which has greater capacity, maybe there are other choices better than a trendy (because of the segregated pockets) e.g. boy, Gabrielle, seasonal bags. But if your heart wants a trendy, get the trendy!


Nov 3, 2017
I thought I'd post this here. I got 2 rectangular minis, both from 22c and the black mini has a longer drop than the gray. My friend also has a black mini from 21k (I think) and hers has a strap drop that is the same as my gray. The only difference I can see is the the minis with the shorter drop are made in Italy while my black one that is longer, is made in France.

Gray: 22inch drop
Black: 23inch drop Polish_20220109_140521750.jpg