SLVR Miroir Pochette in Minneapolis Macys Boutique!

  1. Just thought i'd let anyone interested know.The number is (612) 375-2143. According to my SA its the last unsold miroir piece in the country!
  2. what's the price on the miroir pochette?

    thanks ;)
  3. I think my SA said $585 but i could be wrong.
  4. $525 plus tax. :yes:
  5. Thanx!:heart:
  6. snap that baby up they are stunning i am really surprised there are ANY left
  7. somebody get it, its really a great bag!
  8. The pochette looked so gorg irl. I had never seen miroir IRL til today and i neer though i would. I'm extatic. Even though i didn't get it b/c its to small 4 me. But i did get 6 pairs of dior sunglasses.
  9. I really like it.
  10. I still wish I had waitlisted for the gold one as well...I can finally afford it now that Christmas is long gone :crybaby:
  11. oh i am going to call first thing in the morning. thanks
  12. Glad i could help.
  13. 9 a.m. Tuesday Morning- the Minneapolis boutique's phone explodes after 30 people try to reach the number simultaneasly :p
  14. If only it was the speedy.
  15. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao: