Slowly slowly arriving - Chanel goodies ordered in 2007!

  1. I ordered/won a number of Chanel items before the arrival of 2008 - hence my current ban and these goodies are slowly arriving!!

    So I proudly present to all of you two additions to my Chanel family:

    1. Tweed flap bag from 05A:heart: for my tweed flap collection - the lambskin leather is in dark purple - very pretty; and
    2. Coco patch cashmere tunic/dress (got this for half price!)

  2. Congrats on your Chanel buys -worth breaking the ban hehe!- I love tweeds eps yours /they're aways a must-have:tup:!Enjoy!
  3. Congrats, I love the dress! We need modelling pics! :smile:
  4. love the dress!!:smile:
  5. ooh, super cute and gorgeous purchases. congratulations :biggrin:
  6. What a cute dress...congrats!
  7. Beautiful!!!
  8. love the dress! Congrats!
  9. adore that dress.
  10. Oh that dress is too cute!
  11. oh cute!!

    We'd love those to go in the Reference Forum if you didn't add them already!
  12. so so cute!! congrats~
  13. I love that dress!! It is so cute!
  14. I will take some better pictures of the dress and my flap bag and put them in the reference library. No prob!
  15. I love both of things you got! Gorgeous!!!:drool: