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  1. Someone just posted a great sight! Do you all take the black cards off of your bags and just let the gold chain dangle, or do you keep your black cards on? What I love about my Corriere is the different colors of the zippers... I did take the cards off and it wasn't easy, lol:P I haven't taken the cards off my stellina yet, and if these bags are prone to fall apart, i might just keep as collectors art. They are too beautiful to fall apart... I could never stand that.... i want the summer corriere, the one with the fishes, already forgot the name, the names are really hard for me... :rolleyes:
  2. Hi Veronika...I take everything off...chain, tags, qee! The zippers are so pretty, aren't they?

    What is the great site you saw?
  3. Hey Small Fry! The zippers are works of art in themselves...

    Here's the site, hope it copies, the music makes me happy besides the bags!

    It's the Spiggia print I want in the Corriere, but man I DID pay above retail in the Honolulu airport, how can that be legal??? Makes no sense, It BETTER not fall apart. I'll have to write a really nasty letter to LeSportSac, and ps: I WILL be keeping my receipt! xo
  4. The airport prices i would assume are more jacked up than Hawaii Retail...and that's pretty bad as it is. But like I said, if you're happy....its worth it haha.

    I take off the chain & the cards...just leave on the qee.
  5. Hi Veronika!
    I just clip the corner of the tags by the hole so I can slide them off and leave the chain in place. I take the qees off of bags that they don't really match (in terms of colors). None of mine have shown any damage, best of luck with yours!
  6. I took the cards off but I leave the chain on. I feel its kinda add the style to the bag leaving it on but i understand sometimes it gets annoying, thats why sometimes u guys decide to take it off :P

    I want to take the qee completely off the bag (meaning, taking everything off, including the ring) but i'm worried i might damage the leather part. what do u guys think?
  7. I take off the cards and the qees. Some bags I also take the chain off ... some bags I leave the chain on. When I take the qees off .. I remove the whole thing .. even the ring; I just do it REALLY carefully so that the leather doesn't scratch.
  8. I removed my cards (but didn't clip them, I just undid the chain so the cards would stay in one piece). I removed the qee (sorry, I think the flower face one is just ugly :yucky:). I think I'll probably leave the chains on, I kinda like that.
  9. i remove the cards and chains but i leave my Qee on...but they r really fragile cuz mine chipped after a light knock >.<
  10. If you're worried about scratching the leather, use a key when taking it off. Open the ring up and slide a house key into it so there's always that "space"... then as you roll the keyring around to remove it, just slide the key behind it so that the metal ring always hovers over the leather and is not actually sliding on it.
  11. I take them all off... cards, chain and qee
  12. Great idea maya!
  13. Cool Thanks! I like the bling of the chain on and the qee, I guess that thesea are toys advertised in Juxtapose magazine. I stoped subscribing a few years ago; but am very into the pop surrealism movment... I think you've been able to order the toys through Juxtapose for several years, but from what I'm understanding Toki for LeSportsac has only been around since 06..... I met some guys in LA who said they put Juxtapose on the map and asked me to be in one of their art shows...Can't wait to see more Toki in Waikiki tomorrow, but guess I'll try not to buy.... bummer.
  14. i definitely take the cards off, but keep the chain + qee on. if i want to take the qee off to scotch guard or whatever reason, i take the qee off the ring and leave the ring on the bag :] learned my lesson after scratching my amore gioco!

  15. Sooo, you guys scotchguard??? hmmm... I will do that too! Just went to Macy's in Kauai to give ya'll an update and no Toki or Le Sportsac, only Harajuku, and I bought a little makeup clutch.... a girl can't enough enough little bags to keep in other bags...:yes: