slowly growing collection (LV, dior, pucci, etc.)

  1. hey everyone, i'm new to the forum. so, i thought posting pictures of my collection would be a good start.

    i'm in boston for college so some of my other bags are at home. just a few juicy i think and another LV wallet (red epi porte tresor.)

    my favorite designer is dior. i love the new vintage traveler collection. for a while i wasn't really feeling the dior stuff so i moved to LV and got the trouville and the compact zip wallet.

    i still really want a balenciaga too. this forum is so big on balenciaga i love it!

    well, here they are ... :biggrin:
    collection1.jpg collection2.jpg collection3.jpg collection4.jpg
  2. Welcome, great collection!
  3. Ooooh, I'm loving the Dior pochettes.
  4. Lovely! I love the white Dior saddle :heart:
  5. Nice collection ... love:love: the Pucci one! I've been looking for a vintage Pucci bag ... I like how versatile your Pucci is, you can hand carry it or fold it down like a clutch.
  6. LOVELY bags, esp. your Dior pochettes!!!:love:
  7. Very nice collection. I especially like the white Dior.
  8. Beautiful collection!
  9. I love everything! ..especially the trouville! :love: It's gorgeous, all of it!
  10. really nice collection! the patina on your LV is great :smile:
  11. i'm loving the pucci!!! Nice collection.
  12. Great collection!
  13. I love that red and black Dior!!
  14. nice collection, btw, I like ur bedsheet covers as well.. I love blue..
  15. im luvin' the dior saddles!