Slowly becoming a self-admitted "shoe snob"...


Oct 23, 2005
Just like I have become a bag snob (yes, I'll admit it) over the last couple of years, I am slowly but surely becoming a shoe snob :blah:<--- no, that's not me in real life :P

Over the last year, my collection has seen Prada, Louboutin, Dior, Manolo, Coach, etc., added to it. I always buy these higher-end shoes on sale - I think Coach is the only exception to that. Okay, the Manolos weren't on sale. Whoops!

I really have noticed a difference in comfort, fit and quality, believe it or not. I used to have what I thought were "problem feet" and every pair of shoes either fit wrong or were just uncomfortable. Come to find out, after buying a pair of basic black pointy-toed Manolo heels, that I was just buying the wrong shoes ;) I don't have very many pairs of shoes, so the "cost per wear" thing really comes into play here.

Of course I'll always have my Reef flip flops, Converse and Asics sneakers, and the like.

Anyone else feel the same way? Bag snob, shoe snob, and I've always been a sunnies snob :P What's next? ;)


Sep 16, 2006
Lol---I know exactly what you mean---I've definitely ventured into the shoe snob category. I never thought I would b/c I used to laugh at my b/f who likes to wear designer dress shoes for work (ie: gucci, prada) by saying that "I can't believe you blow $500 on something that touches *#&#^". But ever since my first pair of jimmy choo black pumps (on sale) last year---I'm becoming addicted. But thank goodness that shoes are still somewhat cheaper than the bag addiction....


Nov 2, 2005
I have become addicted to really well made shoes, not necessarily designer shoes. I am happy (very) with Donald Pliner and Stuart Weitzman. I totally don't like logo shoes of any kind, I find them so much more ostentatious then bags.


Oct 7, 2006
Actually, I think that there are a lot of really cute cheap shoes out there these days (mainly copies of high-end shoes)...I just wouldn't purchase them. So, you might call me snobby, but I don't turn my nose up at others who will


Apr 11, 2006
I just got my first Manolos and Louboutins in the past 2-3 months and I can definitely tell the quality difference in the fit. It amazing that 5 inch CLs do not really feel that uncomfortable to me. I am hooked but will still buy a range of shoe brands, especially for a very simple or common style. For the premier designers I prefer to stick to their most unique designs that are not replicated all over the market. Everyone has a black patent peep toe nowadays...I can get that black patent peep toe is from 9 West.


Mar 7, 2007
I TOTALLYYYYY agree!!!!! I actually just bought a pair of Prada wedges from Niemans today on sale! You could really tell the difference. Im in love with my shoes...especially my Louboutins. If im at the store & I see red i run!!! I almost knocked over a lady as I was flying to the sale rack at Saks! lol


Jun 3, 2007
I wish I were a shoe snob! But my current budget doesn't allow for anything more than trying on and pining for designer shoes.

I may be a low-end shoe snob - as in I would never buy synthetic shoes or poor quality shoes. In my circle my $150 - $200 shoes are considered extravagant! :wtf::roflmfao:


Feb 6, 2007
I had a similar problem with low end shoes to many other posters. My feet always hurt. They fell apart quickly. They felt stiff.

I heard about Tayrn Rose shoes and now I'm hooked on the nicer quality shoes. Since I have branched out to other brands.

In a way it is good because I don't have a lot of closet space so it keeps me from buying 5 or 10 trendy shoes I'll only wear a few times to save up for the nice pair of shoes I wear a lot.

My exception to this rule is I still buy some cheap, comfortable weekend wear shoes (i.e., converse, flip flops) for places like the dog park that are likely to wreck my nice shoes.


Quiet!Hermes Hunting
Aug 17, 2006
Hello, My name is DeeDee Delovely, I am a shoe snob. I am so far gone that I even wash my car in my Pucci rainboots. I am a snob with almost everything(don't really care about real diamonds and pearls) in my life. When it comes to accessories: Bags, shoes, sunnies, scarves, I just really like nice things. Pray for me as I feel it will only get worse:sweatdrop:


Oct 23, 2005
LOL DeeDee! :nuts:

I definitely do not turn my nose up or completely snub shoes that are super cute and less expensive, and turn out to be comfortable. A deal is a deal, after all. I bought a pair of white cork-heel thongs from Nordstrom a month ago for $60, and I wear them constantly. But branching out into the more "expensive" shoe area, some light has been shed in terms of quality and especially comfort, which is paramount for me.

SuzyZ - I really like a lot of Donald Pliner designs. I also am not into the whole flashy logo thing. I purchased two pairs of LV sandals and couldn't bring myself to wear them because of the logo.

My first thoughts were, "Why spend a lot of money on shoes, when they're going to be touching the ground?" then, as I started my career and saw how much time I spent on my feet (I do PR) in uncomfortable shoes, I gave in. I'm glad I did :P I'd rather have 15 pairs of well-made, quality shoes than 30 pairs of uncomfortable ones!


oh so fabuleuse
Oct 13, 2006
I have Diors, a pair of Choo boots, Coach sandals and yes I do agree with you they're way more comfy than any other non expensive brand I have...but I can't afford them all the time :crybaby:

Aldo are pretty good too on the non expensive side


Oct 1, 2006
i am finding this out quickly. i have very narrow feet, with very high arches and EVERY shoe hurts my feet. even a freaking new balance sneaker gives me pain after a few hours.

enter the lovely lanvin flats...i have yet to buy them, but when i tried them on my feet were in HEAVEN. it was really amazing. i hope to get them, but feel like a tool spending that much on shoes. what would my grandparents say?!


Dec 11, 2006
i am a shoe girl at heart - my first designer love above all was shoes - bags and clothes started way later. shoes can make or break an outfit IMO, and the simple t and jeans routine looks a million bucks with the right pair of shoes. also, I have bought a pair or two of so-called 'cheap' shoes (read cheaply made because i tend to buy bargains nowadays) and they can ruin your feet, you get blisters so quickly. that said, I have also bought amazing and comfy shoes from not well-known luxury brands - just a good quality make, is what I care about.