Slowing effects of Patina

  1. Patina's on most LV products looks nice such as with the Alma, Nil, Pochette b/c it adds character to the product. However, I feel that patina's won't look good with certain items such as with the Damier Geant lines. Is there a way to slow the process of patina?:yahoo:
  2. spray Shining Monkey on the leather. it protects it from water marks and dirt, and it slows down the patina process too
  3. What's spraying monkey? Where do you purchase it? Does the Coach leather conditioners work? Thank you in advance YEUXHONNETES
  4. i just avoid taking it out during bright sunny days. lol.

    Thats what I do with my shirley and I have it for 6 months now and the leather is still very very White!
  5. it's Shining Monkey, love. it's a leather and fabric protectant, and you can get it off their website, i've never tried the Coach products, so i wouldn't know about that.
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