Slowing down...please help me carefully plan my next Birkin

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  1. So I have finally developed a relationship with the most wonderful SA and the SA has offered to put in a SO for me if the bag I am looking for is not part of podium.
    I am completely in love with my bags but mostly have daytime 35 Birkins in hardy leather like clemence and togo (raisin PH, brown GH, black GH) and my beautiful 30 BB in clemence. I also have a black 35 in evergrain with PH and a brown box 30 with ph....

    So for my next purchase I'd like to get a 30 cmor 32 HAC in a more delicate leather (perhaps chevre or box). I am also thinking of a pop of color. Please let me know what you think.

    I wear jeans alot, with neutrals like brown, black and white. For colors, I wear blues (more teal or jewel tones), purples (pretty frequently), hot pink or chartreus green (sometimes). I never wear reds, oranges or yellows.

    Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. Oooooh, RC - how exciting!! Planning your next bag is always exciting! I think you would look great in chartreuse chevre - sounds delicious!!
  3. How about turquoise?

    p.s would LOVE to see a family shot of your Birkins, RC!! They sound FABULOUS :heart: Pretty please??
  4. I'm a BIG planner although my first Hermes bag was more of a surprise present....

    For my second Hermes bag I've been contemplating and planning for almost a year!!! LOL

    I'm all about POP color!

    (1) How about 30cm chevre in Orange? It's the Hermes color and goes well with jeans, and neutrals... I find that orange goes especially well with blue jeans, whites, and neutrals.

    (2) How about something like Rouge H? It's POP color but toned down AND goes well with everything from black to white~ I have a Bearn in Rough H color and I find that it's non POPing of a color for me... but I'm completely amazed at how tthe color complements other colors like purple and green!!
  5. Fuchsia in chevre is gorgeous too. I had never considered pink but H-addicts HAC sold me on it :love:
  6. would look beautiful in almost all shades of RED!!!

    Ok....since you are not afraid of color (like I am, LOL!!!) and since your neutrals are all covered in all sizes so how about Vert Anis or chartreuse?
  7. RC, chevre mysore may still be available as a SO, so for what's it's worth, if I were in your good shoes, and want to maximise a SO, I will try to order something in chevre mysore.

    For a pop of colour to match your wardrobe (especially jeans and alot of purples), I vote for lilac chevre mysore.
  8. [​IMG]

    Borrowed from ebay...but this does look hot! ^^
  9. Yes, RC! It's violet chevre mysore. I didn't recommend this only because you have raisin and thought maybe you'd want a shade lower down and therefore recommended lilac instead. But yes, this was on my mind. I am keen to get one myself!
  10. lately....ive been thinking of ardoise (light bluish gray?) :smile: IF even i make an order for my first (certainly the last) birkin.
  11. Does anyone have lilac or cyclamen in chevre? I'd love to see the color difference.
    All, thanks for the great advice. Keep it coming!
  12. RC, am packing my chocolate box HAC 32 with cyclamen lining and piping....

    What's your address??:idea:

    I so wish I had had my potiron belt and 35 Kelly with me in NYC.....I still think this H shade ( with or without the belt, but the belt is fabulous ) would look great on you:yes:

    I don't wear orange either.....BUT the pop of color that the bag and/or belt lends is unbeliveably beautiful. DOES work as a neutral.
  13. ^^Isus, send 'em all up!! ;)

    Yes a potiron chevre with gh slipped through my fingers and I'm still dreaming about that one!
  14. Here is my Cyclamin in Chevre Mysore.
  15. Wow, cyclamin is gorgeous as well. Very pretty, japster!