1. is anyone else having slow access and navigation on tpf? thanks!
  2. it was slow for me too..about 5 minutes ago. But now it seems to be working fine again :smile:
  3. Still a lil laggy for me...
  4. thanks for the response. it has picked up speed for me also. i have been experiencing this for a few days and wanted assurance it was not me.
  5. We got it looked at and hopefully fixed!
  6. YEPPERS!LOL! I thought it was my laptop!
  7. It has been running slow because the server is under a huge load- we have tons of people trying to access the forum and it boggs down the server a tad. The techs are working on it and it should be getting better! Thanks for hanging in there!
  8. Yes, I am. All other web sites are "running" as fast as they normally do. For some reason, it took me about 15 minutes and a few "error" messages to get to the Forum.
  9. I figured the internet was slow because everyone is trying to get info on Anna Nicole Smith. :shame:

  10. That makes it a nice problem to have...right?:yahoo: Too many "customers"...good for you!
  11. It was a little while ago but it seems ok now :yes:
  12. i experienced the lag yesterday
  13. Haha! I couldn't access it when the news came out! I called my dad and had him access the forum to see if it was already posted!
  14. Good, so it wasn't just me then!

    (I was having withdrawal symptoms there for a while!)
  15. I thought it was my computer! it took me forever to get on before and just to go from thread to thread took forever also. Seems to be better now