Slow Sellers - should I be concerned?

  1. Hi Everyone,
    I'm sure this topic has been covered, but please indulge a repeat inquiry:

    I purchased an item from a seller that is a poor communicator--at least I hope that's all she is.
    My question is, how much time do you usually give a seller / buyer time to respond to an email? I purchased the item on the 17th, got a paypal shipping email on the 20th, but still no package (priority mail), the USPS website has no record of the package entering the system, and lastly no response to an email inquiry to the seller re. same that I sent 24hrs ago.

    My patience is wearing thin, but perhaps I expect too much. Worst case, if I don't ever get the item, how long do I wait before filing "item not received"?
    I paid for the item via paypal with CC, so if I never get it, I imagine I can somehow get my money back...

    Thanks for your help!
  2. I suggest you wait until Friday. If you don't get the shipment by then, then write to seller via ebay mail system asking for status and request reply within 24 hours or else report not receive item. There is limited time ebay/paypal allow you file complaint. Not too early but don't wait too long. I guess waiting 2 weeks after auction ended is long enough without a special notice from seller.

  3. Thanks, amory! I appreciate your help. :flowers:
  4. Those Paypal shipping notices only mean that the seller printed a label, so hang in there. She may have printed it and didn't actually take it to the post office right away. I had that happen just this week. The seller printed off a UPS label and I was "supposed" to get my shipment on Monday. She didn't actually take it to UPS until Monday, but I got it today.

    I hate those "shipment notification" emails because they just don't tell the story and the USPS ones never show up in their tracking system until the item is DELIVERED, sometimes it won't show in their system for a few days after delivery.
  5. Thanks for your input, Prada! So, basically, that notification is worth, well, nothing! Great. Anyway, I finally heard from the seller this afternoon (36 hours after my email): she said she gave the package to her boyfriend to mail, so she doesn't know exactly what day it was posted. I'm pretty annoyed, and I'm not sure I believe her, but I am trying to stay upbeat and friendly. I always like to see how these Ebay sagas end, so I'll post again, if/when I get my item!
  6. I just went through this myself, and if you paid with Paypal, then they recommend you give the seller 10 days for the item to arrive. During that time, they also recommend you contact the seller via eBay Messages, and if that fails, use the eBay Contact process to retrieve the seller's phone number and give them a call. I did this, and found the phone number to be invalid. :sad:

    That all said, your seller is not inspiring any confidence, I agree, and if you don't get that item by 10 days after the auction close (and your payment), then I would recommend opening a dispute. Do not let it go too long because as everyone else here has already said, you have a very limited timeframe where you can dispute the transaction and claim a refund, if necessary.

    Good luck!
  7. You have 45 days to file with Paypal. Go ahead and file the Item Not Recieved claim with Ebay, that should get your seller to respond quicker.
  8. Thanks allison (and All!). As it happens, I heard from the seller again, with a blah-blah excuse as to why several packages didn't get posted. Maybe other buyers have contacted her, since she seems to run multiple auctions on a regular basis. Anyway, I've decided I will give the package until the 4th to arrive, and if not rec'd then, will file INR with ebay, and follow with Paypal and CC chargeback, as a last resort.
    Hopefully this will all shake out without any real drama! :sweatdrop:
  9. Thanks again for all the helpful replies! :heart: :heart:

    I just received my package (12 days from date of payment), so all is well. Needless to say, I won't be shopping with this seller again. Honestly, it wasn't even the shipping delay that was getting to me: it was the fact that she didn't readily respond to my emails. She's not alone in this, at all, unfortunately. I think quick responses to emails and good communication overall is what makes ebay, and other online transactions work, and I think most sellers need to make more effort in this regard. The ones that do, get my repeat business!
  10. I couldn't agree more. Have you decided what kind of feedback to leave? I just had the same situation (got bag 16 days after date of payment) and ended up just not leaving any, because I couldn't leave positive, and didn't want to risk a neg just by leaving a neutral.
  11. I def agree.. when sellers are slow.. it bothers me... I mean, we give our money promptly yet service is slow... that really sucks..
  12. Hi mharvey,
    I thought about this, and decided to leave a 'neutral positive'. :shrugs: I indicated the item was great (true), and therefore "worth the wait". I hope other buyers will at least know that even if there is a delay, they will ultimately get their merchandise.
    And I hate that we, responsible buyers, need to worry about retaliatory FB, just for being honest! But we do.
  13. As an eBay seller who strives to give buyers the best possible service, I'm sorry that you had to deal with a seller who didn't communicate well and was slow to ship. Personally, I won't do business that way, and I am glad that you found a way ("worth the wait") to at least communicate that shipping was slow.

    Every seller has the ability to show, in their listings, how soon they ship after payment clears. Mine is always set for within 1 business day of cleared payment. Some sellers aren't able to be that prompt with good reason, but they should be up front about this by indicating how soon they ship after getting the payment.

    At minimum, and after the invoice phase, a good seller should give every buyer a payment received notification and a shipping notification (with the shipping details, including any tracking or delivery confirmation number). eBay provides sellers with all sorts of tools for communicating with buyers and makes it easy to do.

    I find it really unfortunate that both buyers and sellers have become afraid of retaliatory feedback. Thus far I haven't had to leave any negative feedback, but if a situation warranted it, I would. It's important for buyers to know that there are some (unfortunately) bad or incompetent sellers out there, and feedback is really the only way for them to find out about these sellers.

    If someone retaliated against me, I would trust that buyers would read enough of my feedback to see that it was an aberration. And there's always the opportunity to leave a response to negative feedback.

    I have sold to buyers who had some negative feedback given to them in retaliation, and it wasn't difficult to look at their feedback history and see that they didn't deserve it. My transactions with them went smoothly, no regrets!
  14. I agree 100%! For both buyers and sellers, there is always at least a little bit of nervousness about the transaction--there are so many unknowns! As you say, an email when payment is received, and another when the item ships, shouldn't be too much trouble for anyone. And I always email the seller when I get something, just so they know it's received safely. It doesn't take much to make the process easy and stress-free.:flowers:
  15. Thanks for the great idea -- I have decided to do this myself. I left the seller a "Positive" feedback, but the text reads "A beautiful bag, packaged well, that was worth all the stress and delay." So if somebody takes the time to read it carefully, they should see that maybe they should make sure everything will be taken care of properly if they win something from this seller. And if this seller leaves a retaliatory neg, it will be all the more obviously retaliatory to anyone else....or at least I hope so.

    Regardless, I'm still really put off by the whole experience and will most likely not be buying any handbags on eBay for a good long while.