Slow Saturday morning walk with her new Goldie...

  1. from our place in Manhattan, actually window shopping as we proceed to H in Madison to check things out...there she was, convicing me that she's ready for a Croc Birkin...I stopped to take a picture of her and Goldie...and a few blocks closer to Hermes...we see a blatant copy or an artist rendition of the Croc Birkin in laugh was so loud, she didn't think it was funny...:yes:...this one I could probably afford!
    P1010345.JPG P1010344.JPG
  2. ^^Was that Suarez? DW Looks tres chic!
  3. DW is a beautiful classy woman...and lucky to have such a sweet DH!!!
  4. Cool pic of DW. I like her coat a lot!
  5. I hate to say it petpringles, but she would look awesome with croc. :p
    Matte or shiny, really, either would be fabby on her....:graucho:

    ....i'm just sayin'...:shrugs:
  6. Great photo, thanks for sharing, your wife looks so happy with her gold Birkin. I'm glad she turned her nose up at the not so lookie-likie, lol
  7. What A Gorgeous Photo ~ Your Wife Is Absolutely Magnificent!!!!!!
  8. Look at that big smile! Your wife looks so happy. What wife wouldn't be happy married to a wonderful man like you...

  9. your wife looks so classy with her gold birkin!!
  10. Very pretty! and the Birkin is too! Good job PPringles!
  11. Stunning!!!
  12. CB:

    I thought you'd be on myside:shrugs:! My usual quote: Maybe her next life...or her next husband?:yahoo:

  13. Yes indeedy Suarez I believe! New Yorker girl you! GOod job!...didn't have the heart to go in to inquire as the wife's already pouting! Hah!
  14. DW is gorgeous and DH is "the man"! :smile:
  15. Dear Mr. PP:

    Gosh, she is one LUCKY woman; your DW!!!

    Wish all DH was generous as you... Mine's NOT....