Slow sales on Ebay!!???

  1. I don't know if it's just me or ..... are eBay sales for LV slow and for lower than usual prices??? I recently sold my Speedy 30 for what I think is a low, low price! I want to list my Cabas Piano, but some of the selling prices have been $300 to $650 (for like new)! I'd hate to sell my Piano, which is in great shape, for $300! Or am I being unrealistic???
  2. Sales on eBay are slower in the summer months. I'd wait until the fall to sell LV to get a better price.

  3. She is right :tup:
  4. Oh :confused1: there's any special reason?
  5. Slow is right!! I saw a pink inclusion bracelet GM sell for $300!!!! I was close to tears because I saw it way before the auction ended but the seller stated clearly in the auction that it was US only :sad::crybaby:
  6. ebay is so hit or miss. I had my Sophie on there and it didnt sell, so I re listed and it sold for more than opening offer and with several bidders. Plus people emailed me afterwards asking if the sale went thru and if not could they buy it.

    I think ebay is fickle. But I also feel alot of people are on vacation etc. Hold off til September when people are starting to think of Xmas.
  7. ^^^ITA! Summer vacation has a lot to do with it IMO.