Slow refunds at Veja


Dec 11, 2007
Just a heads-up that I have recently had to dispute a charge with my cc company after it's been a month with no refund from Veja's website.

I bought three pairs of the same shoe b/c I didn't know my size and was new to the brand; found the right size, shipped back the other two. UPS confirmed they arrived.

Veja's website said you should receive a refund within a week from when they receive the return. A week passed and I had no refund, but I figured there might be a delay b/c of corona. After two weeks or so, I e-mailed them, and they said it takes time for them to process, blah blah blah, so I waited some more. Last week, when it had been almost a month, I emailed them one more time, and I got no response, so today I called it in to the CC company.

I try to be understanding about delays, but a month is a bit much, and I don't want to pay an amount on my card that I don't actually owe! So if the Veja shoes you want are available at a department store (mine weren't), I suggest getting them there if you expect to make a return.