Slow payer for "Buy it now"!!!

  1. Ok, so less than 10 minutes after I lowered my BUY IT NOW price, it sold. It's been 4 days and this person still hasn't paid.

    It's a textbook for school, and in most places the semester is already in session. I'm afraid if she doesnt pay, I won't be able to sell if I relist because then most students would already have their books.

    I did not put "Immediate payment required [with buy it now]"

    Usually, for BUY IT NOW, don't you have to pay right away?

    How much longer should I give this buyer?
  2. Did you state in your auction when they should pay by? I usually pay as soon as I win the auction or BIN. I would email the buyer asking them whats up.
  3. Jeez, at the very least, the buyer should have contacted you to say "Payday is Friday, I'll pay you as soon as my check drops."
    This is just rude on the buyer's part, did you try to contact him/her again?
  4. I sent an invoice with a note, asking her to pay with paypal ASAP, and I will ship OVERNIGHT as soon as she pays, I haven't heard anything. I'm really frustrated! I offered overnight shipping because I know students need their books ASAP. adjfla;djf
  5. I'm so sorry. You sound like a nice seller and are doing everything by the book (no pun intended). Hopefully they are just wrapped up in school, are waiting to get paid, or are just waiting 7 days to pay (the time eBay mandates before a non-paying bidder can be filed). The least they could do is communicate with you though. Do they at least have good feedback? Have they been bidding on a bunch of other textbooks too?
    This is why I started doing immediate payment required- some bidders are so flaky.
  6. No, only if you have checked the box for immediate pay will eBay force an immediate pay for the auction to close.
  7. that's so frustrating... if they made the effort to buy it now, you'd think they'd want it shipped right away and would be willing to pay right away.
  8. I know, it's a really a popular textbook for many many business students! I'm sure if she didn't BUY IT NOW, I'm sure someone else would have. err