Slow moving today?

  1. Is it just my computer or is the site moving verrrrrrrrrrrrry slow today?
  2. It was, and last night too...back to normal for me now
  3. We were performing some hardware changes, sorry for the downtime. It should be swift and rockin' normally now!
  4. Yes, back on track!!!

    Molasses moving tPF is not my favorite type of tPF!!! :yucky:
  5. I kept reminding myself that it was better than no PF at all! That helped me with my patience level! LOL! Glad it's running great now though!
  6. When I try to pull up the main page, it's telling me that zend optimizer isn't installed. I downloaded it, but now it's asking me to find the webserver folder that contains "php.ini" and I don't know where to find it. Any suggestions? I can get on through a subforum link that I happen to have, but then when I hit the main forum link, this message pops up again.
  7. Zend Optimizer is nothing that the client/user needs, it's a server thing. You can safely uninstall it again. :wlae:
  8. Are you still experiencing those difficulties with Zend?
  9. OK, I had only downloaded the installer so I deleted it. Yes, I'm getting the message 100 percent on my aol client and about 85 percent on IE when I pull up or (although subforum links work fine other than a few broken icon links).
  10. I will have our techs look into it. :idea:
  11. I appreciate that. Sorry for being a pain.
  12. Thanks Vlad! Still happy to send money for a new hamster-just say the word!
  13. Update. It seems to be working with IE, but unfortunately the page is still coming up with the aol client. Thanks.
  14. Maybe because AOL is junk... :graucho:
  15. I know I know, computer guys hate it but sometimes us girls love the little animated smiley faces aol has. ;-P

    Actually, I was going to say I spoke too soon...IE is displaying that zend page again so someone had to send me the link to this thread. Dang, am I the only one who's having a problem here?? Maybe it's my computer but this has never happened until now. I didn't mean to hijack this thread.