Slow Max Mara shipping? =(

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  1. I placed an order almost two weeks ago now at the US Max Mara site. According to the site, when you place an order, it first ships from Italy to the US, and then you get a notification that it’s on its way to you. You’re supposed to receive your order five business days from when you placed it.

    Well, it’s been almost two weeks, no notification, no order. =(

    Last week I called customer service and they said my order was at US customs, and the hold-up was likely due to the government shutdown and the high volume of orders due to the seasonal sale. I could accept that, and I figured I’d be getting an email soon.

    One week later, still nothing, and I’m so annoyed. I live in Southern California and winter here is short, so I’m not feeling like I’ll get much wear out of my new stuff before the weather warms up, not to mention I expect to have to exchange some things since ordering clothing online is always iffy size-wise.

    I’m not looking for advice, just had to vent a little, wondering if anyone else has experienced the same. If I spend $2 k on clothes I expect them in a little more timely manner! ㅠㅠ
  2. It might be held up by customs? I am in Europe and usually when I order from them I get the item within 5 to maximum 10 days, the 10 days were due to a massive delay caused by the weather.
  3. Sorry for my late reply, purseforum’s not sending me alerts for some reason. =( Anyway, I called them again the other day, and they told me it’s still stuck in customs. >.> What gets me is they said it’s “normal,” but that’s definitely not what it says on the website. I guess I’m ready to do a chargeback if I need to, but I really want my stuff. =(
  4. Customs is an absolute mess and very backed up due to the shutdown. This is highly unusual so it really isn’t MM’s fault and they couldn’t have predicted it.

    Frustrating still though, I know.
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  5. I did finally get my stuff. As I expected it was too late to exchange the items that didn’t fit, as everything was already sold out. Headache.