Slow here lately.. So bracelets.. gold or silver?

  1. A few ppl are on vacation and some are very busy this time of year (Kristie!!!) and I'm missing some of the lively banter!

    Anyway, lol, I'm thinking a wide enamel bracelet might be my next acquisition.. But can't decide which colour metal looks better. Sometimes I think gold, other times, silver. Could it be one suits a particular design better so just go with what looks best on the day? What are your thoughts? Do you always buy the same metal, regardless of design or do you do both?
  2. It's a question of personally preference but I prefer the silver with plain bracelets (the clic-clac with the H closure) and gold with the colourful bangles (with a few exceptions).

    It also depends on your skintone.
  3. I think I'm with Perja there.

    The other thing to keep in mind is whether you want to co-ordinate with your watch and jewellery. I'm kind of anal in that way, though getting less so. If I'm wearing white gold jewellery, I'd wear a white gold or stainless steel watch. Yellow gold jewellery w/ yellow gold watch.

    I suppose one could get carried away then and figure bag h/w, bracelets, jewellery and watches, if one takes the "matchy matchy" theme that far.
  4. I'm totally anal about coordinating/silver so I wouldn't be caught dead wearing gold jewelry, lol.
  5. SS, post a few pics that you are thinking about and maybe we can vote.
  6. In this aspect, I don't care to match. Whatever grabs my fancy! I have no rules except that the hardware should just be pleasing to the eye in regards to the color of the bracelet. You know, like with the handbags, cool color goes with palladium, warm color goes with gold.
  7. Thanks for all your input. I'm not sure what my preference is, lol! I don't wear a lot of bling and my watch is two-toned, so I guess my jewelry can be either colour. I have traditionally prefered white gold/platinum for jewelfy as it's a bit more understated but when I look at the H enamel bracelets, some just WOW me in gold hardware. I reckon, I'll just go with whatever looks good:smile:) Tonight, I'm tending towards gold for the wide enamel bracelets (tomorrow might be a diff matter:rolleyes:).

    KB, I don't have any in particular in mind. Some of the ones on the website are very cute.. there's a lion one that is just adorable. But I always try not to go by the website coz my store has a limited selection so I'll just pick from what's there. Of course, if nothing there strikes my fancy, I won't buy one yet. Maybe pick up a scarf instead..:graucho:
  8. Sue, please go to the store and buy something and post pix. It might get some action going. It's like a morgue here right now. :shrugs: Waiting for a new post to appear is like waiting for paint to dry.

    I'm so bored I'm looking at food websites now to order foie gras in time for Christmas!
  9. I am not sure...I have not worn bracelets in quite a while (have been in a rather minimalist phase in respect to jewelry)... My watch is also two-toned, my rings are white gold/platinum, and my H bag has gold HW. I am trying to be more like HG in terms of going with the flow regarding metal...
  10. SS, assess your accessories (watches, rings, even bag hardwares) and see if you have more silver or yellow gold in your accessory wardrobe. if you're kind of hesitant to do two-tone (w/c IMO looks fab), then get a bracelet that will compliment your existing other pieces.

    personally, i love yellow gold on H pieces - it just elevates the elegance of the piece, i think. but then again, i run into problems matching them with my bag's hardwares. oh well.

    good luck and take pics when you decide!
  11. Mine is gold edged because my wedding/engagement rings are gold. But I am also eyeing one with silver. :yes:
  12. LOL! I did go and buy some stuff! Thanks everyone for your help!!! Actually what I found was this.. forget what you see in pics, online, etc. Get to the store and try the darn things on coz you just never know what indeed looks good on you until you do. There were some designs there that I thought looked blah until I tried them on.. They're quite nice, in fact!

    Anyway... when I posted this thread, I did say I was thinking of getting a wide bracelet and tending more toward gold rims. Fast forward.. I found that out of the designs/specs they had in store, this worked for me the best! Narrow band, black enamel bracelet, silver rim.:lol: I love it!

    View attachment 76630

    Now, can anyone tell me.. do bracelets have official names? If so, what is mine called?? Is it just called the caleche bracelet?:roflmfao:
  13. Oh very, very nice. So elegant and classic. I don't think I've ever seen it in the stores - usually I only see the really colourful ones. Great pick!
  14. Wait a minute there......

    "some stuff"... Does this mean you got more than the bracelet pictured?? If so, spill the beans. Did you get some scarves too, since it was a 2 hour drive in? (Maximise the trip etc etc.) :graucho:
  15. Gorgeous Bracelet!!!:heart: