Slow Down

  1. I watched helplessly tonight as a young man died before my eyes.

    I was at home when I heard a crash just outside my windows. I threw on some clothes and ran outside to find a motorcycle on its side with a young man laying in the street and a car a few feet away with the driver's side crushed in.

    The driver of the car was moving and conscious and seemed okay.

    The young man was not breathing and had no pulse.

    CPR was started.

    It seemed to take forever for the paramedics to arrive.

    But it seemed only a heartbeat before the paramedic said it was too late...he was gone.

    I've been crying for two hours.

    I can't imagine what his family went through when they answered the knock at their door tonight.

    Please...slow down.

    There weren't any skid marks.

    He was hurrying. She was hurrying. Someone speeding, probably. Someone being careless perhaps.

    It only takes an instant.

    So many "accidents" aren't accidents...they are crashes. Crashes that can be avoided.

    So, please, please.....slow down.

    It's better to get where you're going a few minutes later than never to get anywhere ever again.
  2. yikes....
    how awful. riding a motorcycle is also truly dangerous.
  3. :sad: That's so sad. I would be crying for hours, too, if I witnessed that. Poor person, may he rest in peace.
  4. Oh my gosh, that is horrible!!!!! It is true, people don't seem to care about their own lives. Wow, I hope you can feel better. May he rest in peace.
  5. oh, i'm so sorry you had to see that!!! I can't imagine seeing a human being killed like that...
  6. oh my dear god..

    i remember taking a friend home one night, and his parents kept incessently calling asking where he was and how come i couldn't drive faster. i picked up the phone for him whilst driving over 95mph screaming at his parents, "do you want him home in one piece, or do you want to visit him in the hospital in several?!" and they shut up and stopped calling and told me to drive safe and careful.

    ugh. anyways.. so incredibly sorry you had to see that. maybe you should go rest or something.. have some tea.. :sad:
  7. Sorry to hear that sad must have been horrible!!
  8. I second the plea to "slow down"!

    I am president of my homeowner's association and we have a young woman resident here who drives so fast in and out of our parking lot that she is going to kill someone. She's been asked repeatedly to slow down and won't. We decided at our monthly meeting tonight to start fining her after a resident complained she nearly ran over him and his child as they were walking to the pool.

    I sincerely hope there was not alcohol involved in your incident Leah, that is just heartbreaking... unfortunately riding a motorcycle is very dangerous, because people in cars often don't see them. That's why the police call motorcycle riders "organ donors" :sad:
  9. oh my gosh.... that's horrible.

    I'm so sorry you had to see that =(
  10. Leah, I'm so sorry you had to witness that... and that poor boy's family. Argh... senseless waste of life.
  11. God bless. What a tragedy. My heart goes out to him and his family...
  12. The poor guy! My heart goes out to his family and friends. (Did you see if he was wearing a helmet?)

    People do need to slow down. Not just because it would be a pain in the butt to get pulled over and get a ticket, but because it's the safe thing to do.

    Think about it: If you're late for work, wouldn't it be better to drive within the speed limit than to speed and get into an accident and arrive later (or not at all)?
  13. Something similar happened in front of my house on the first day of Hurricane Isabelle in Maryland. A man was FLYING down Shore Acres Road in Arnold, MD (where I used to live, most people usually fly down that road), it was windy, rainy and there were large water puddles on the road. He apparently hydroplaned, jumped the curb, ran over our across-the-street neighbors' fence, and wrapped the car around the telephone poll across the street. I didn't see him, but my dad ran out to help him and my uncle who was visiting from Germany actually got it all on tape since we were eating dinner in our dining room at the time, and that window faces the road.
  14. May he rest in peace.

    My condolences to his family. :heart:
  15. I'm so sorry. :sad:

    I don't want to be a killjoy, but...

    I'd add the plea of 'Please don't ride motorbikes.' - they are fun, I know, but just one mistake...