slow down patina?


Jack's H-Mama
Jun 5, 2008
hi all. I'm new to the LV forum as I'm usually in Hermes. Well it's that time of year when the H go to sleep and the LV come out to play.

My question is the handles of my deauville are a bit darker In areas than the rest of the bag. Can I cover the handles with a scarf like I did my kelly and herbag to allow the rest of the bag to catch up and still look cute doing it ?
Sep 20, 2008
I don't 'hide' the vachetta as it is darkening. It looks fine.... but be careful not to get it wet, it may spot.

I've ordered a can of Shining Monkey Spray.
I've read on this forum that is the best product for waterproofing/ protecting the light LV leather.

I will post results as soon as I use it !