Slouchy vs. Structured

  1. I am finding that slouchy bags, like the Gerard Darel Drape, look nice on my shoulder...but when I try to get something out of it, like a pen or whatever, it is embarrassing the way I claw through the purse for a 1/2 hour... And then when I put the bag down, the bag spreads like an amoeba and doesn't look attractive at all.
    What do you slouchy bag owners have to say about this?
  2. i LOVE slouchy bags... i don't have a lot of stuctured bags, i also love the way it droops down when i put the bag down.

    it also looks better in my body, i'm very skinny and flat chested LOL
  3. generally speaking, i love slouchy bags because the mould so nice to your body when you walk - i find that my structured bags are always slipping and sliding off my shoulder- and they're just uncomfortable when you have a big bulky coat in the winter, or when you're trying to hold up an umbrella with the other hand....and slouchy bags are generally softer and are great emergency pillows while traveling - smooshing them is always nice :smile:
  4. Smooshing in a suitcase is a good concept. Good to remember for traveling. Thank you!
  5. I love slouchy, its just sexy! i dunno why.

    But structured bags with clean lines are so chic!
  6. I love large, slouchy bags; the slouchier the better. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    I even like the collapsed, puddle, or amoeba, look when you put them down.

    I only really like structured clutches, for myself, because I find large, structured bags uncomfortable to carry.
  7. well, i like and own both. however, for me, i noticed that slouchy bags can't be too wide or too deep, or else you'll have to go swimming for the things you need. and structured bags can't be too "hard" in terms of it's leather, fabric, whatever, and it's design, or else i feel it's not comfortable. as long as the structured bag is flat enough under my shoulder, and it can be molded to my form, i'm good.

    forgot to add, i don't have any arm bags, only shoulder bags so my feedback only applies to that. ;)
  8. Interesting... you are making me realize that slouchy bags are more comfortable to carry -- which is something I never considered or thought about. Thanks! However, I still don't like how "hippie-ish" they look. Oh dear, am I giving away my age?
  9. I am the opposite of almost everyone else in that structured is my thing, but I do own one slouchy bag (a Mulberry Araline) which I use as my most casual bag. I don't find it very easy because I carry so much darn stuff and I am used to opening a nicely shaped bag to see everything where I left it rather than the chaos that follows my slinging the slouchy Araline on my shoulder. It would drive me mad on a daily basis!
  10. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: :roflmfao:
  11. i too love structured bags, but i like ones that have a little slouch to them also...
  12. i would consider my celine bittersweet slouchy (see attached), but still modern.

    to me, medium structured is more like my loro piana medium globe bag. design is very comfortable. very structured is the gucci i have that's similar to the lv attached, but with bigger handles so that i can carry it on my shoulder. it's manageable, because it's not too bulky.

    my biggest pet peeve is that whether the bag is slouchy or structured, if it's always sliding off my shoulder, then it's not going to work for me.
    celine.jpg loropiana.jpg LV.jpg
  13. I love a slouch!! Structured bags tend to be heavier in weight and if they are not wide enough (front to back), sometimes my stuff inside make it look unattractively bulgey (sp?). Slouchy bags are more forgiving when stuffed and accomodate the extra stuff more gracefully.
  14. I love having both. It just depends on my mood which runs the gamut sometimes. ;)

    I recently purchased a purse organizer and it helps keep my slouchier bags from becoming a big black hole.

  15. Oh yes! I also use the Chameleon organizer which solves black hole problem!!