Slouchy phoebes

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  1. Sorry- just a quick question for those of you out there with well used phoebes. How much do they soften/ slouch? Mine is still really stiff but got to confess i haven't used her much!! (despite languishing in her dustbag she seems to be developing a nice patina though!)
    Am going to get her out for a spin tomorrow as long as it's not raining!! I've seen some really slouchy looking ones on e-bay!
  2. Jo, how long have you had your Phoebe? Such a beautiful bag to be hiding out in her dustbag!! That's what my Oak Bays does, for some reason she scares me!!!:nuts:
  3. Got her at the Mulberry meet last May. Lovely bag and she has had the occasional outing and is so comfy. i'm always so worried about rain marks- however she has been colonilled to death and last night i dripped some water onto the bottom of her and it didn't penetrate at all so think i now have the guts to take her out. i didn't go as far as Chaz in the collonil sticky- i didn't put her under a running tap!!!
  4. Jo, I haven't colonilled any of my bags, which I know is sort of like admitting to a heinous crime on this thread. I have some, but I'm petrified to do it. We have used it on my daughter's ugg boots with fantastic results. My oak bags don't see the light of day in winter, I am strictly carrying chocolate. No one goes out in the rain or snow!
    I hope you can take your Phoebe out tomorrow, Jo!! I know it's hard!!
  5. Really- use the collonil- it doesn't harm the bags at all!!!!!
  6. My friend has a gorgeous, aged oak Phoebe - it's very soft, slouchy and with a lovely patina. She's never even heard of Collonil :nuts:

    Well, I mean, obviously she has as I've told her about it but she's just not bothered. She uses & abuses her bags and just isn't worried about it. I've not inspected it up close so I guess it's possible there are loads of watermarks etc but it just looks like a really well used bag with a gorgeous patina.

    She's got an oak Elgin that is pretty much the same - when I saw it hanging off the back of her buggy I nearly had heart failure :lol:

    It hasn't encouraged me to use oak Emmy, though :rolleyes:
  7. Thanks for that!! will go and transfer bag contents now!!!
  8. Used phoebe shopping today. She really is easy to use!!!

    Where's pheebs, KLP and sugarspice and all the other phoebe owning girls????
  9. Helloo Im here! I love my phoebe, it was the first mulberry I fell in love with and have a special attachment to it as it was a prezzie from hubby!

    I really think it is the best shape mulberry have done so far (for me at least :biggrin:). TBH my phoebes havent slouched very much, but that may just have been because they were both shop display bags, and were soft to begin with!
  10. Hi Jo, sorry to keep you waiting, been on baby duty today so no time for the forum.

    My oak Phoebe is definitely slouchy, the handles flop about and the leather under the 'D' rings does as well. The base, however, is still quite stiff. I'm very happy about this as I don't like when the base on a bag falls down when you fill it.

    Just got choc Phoebe and am disappointed. Will post another thread re issues.
  11. oh dear klp- will go and find your thread
  12. My choc Phoebe is very stiff !
  13. ^^^has it had much use???
  14. Yes I used it for a season everyday but it remains stiff. I really fill my bags and I was irritated but the way it does up too . I loved it when I bought it and toyed with the Roxanne at the time,tbh I wish I had got that now instead.It is a great jeans bag and I think I am in the minority with my feelings about it.
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    oh dear!! sorry you feel like that as choco pheebs is yummy!!!!! mind you it's definately not a BIG bag so if you carry tons of stuff I can see how you'd prefer Roxy!