Slouchy leather bags under $200?


May 16, 2017
Hi! The time has come for me to find a new everyday purse. I don't like to purse shop (too indecisive), so I want this one to last. I like shoulder bags, mostly hobos, and I really like the relaxed look. That's what I'm having trouble finding. I don't need it to be huge. I was considering a Coach Scout, but it looked imposing in black, and they didn't have it in saddle. I could go for much less structure, though. My style is pretty relaxed.
(I know this one is $300, but I had a gift card. )
So I'm taking suggestions if y'all have any. I'm new to focusing on quality, so I don't know who makes what I want. And I know this budget won't give me a ton of options. I'm open to waiting for a sale if one is likely to come soonish. Thanks!


Sofa King Banned
Apr 11, 2015
8,246 is having their spring sale. You can get the above bag in that color for $147. There's lots of bags on sale that you may like....Mercer....Nomads.....all in your price range.