Slouchy Chanel bag opinions wanted

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  1. I've decided I really want a slouchy dark colored Chanel bag- one that can hold alot and be kind of casual, but still classy and one that I don't have to be super careful with. I don't really want a cabas though. I love the Olsen's infamous bag, but am fairly certain I will NEVER be able to find that one! I'm also thinking of a large black shearling tote, but don't know how versatile that would be. Does anyone have any suggestions of current or past bags (I could alsways search for them on ebay) that might fit this bill? Pics would be helpful too. Thanks soooo much! You girls always have the best suggestions!
  2. I have a medium ultimate soft and i absolutely love it! IMO it is a perfect day or night bag and its leather gets really slouchy and soft after time!!! head to the reference library to check out pics, you wont be disappointed- hope this helps!:P
  3. I have the large Soft and Chain hobo in black with silver chain. It's lambskin but there's a coating on the bag which makes it super durable and easy to care for. There are pics in the Reference Library in the Soft and Chain thread, including one of me modeling the bag.
  4. Thanks boslvuton and roey, I checked out the pics and like them both, they are very pretty! Does anyone have any older bags that fit the bill too? Something kind of laid back?
  5. Laid back, in what way? No chains and no big CC?
  6. Chains and a big CC are fine...maybe what I'm looking for is best found in another brand but I'd much prefer to buy a Chanel. I'd like something in either caviar or calfskin that's tote-like, but not really structured- kind of slouchy and hangs either under the shoulder or above the hip (not a really long strap) that's big enough to hold documents. I really love the cabas, but for some reason want something different. Maybe because it's such a hot bag right now. I've looked through the recent lignes and didn't really see anything that struck me, so I was hoping someone might own an older one they could take a picture of and I could try to find. Sorry if that's not anymore helpful.
  7. Id get a baby cabas in black...Perfect slouchy bag~
  8. I think roey's large Soft and Chain hobo is perfect. I wish I could find one for myself.
  9. ^^ I love bags like that! Lots of arm room and your coat won't bunch up.

    Try the Modern Chain. It's a bit like that one. But, very heavy, if you don't mind the weight.
  10. I have a large LES MARAIS tote and its so unstructured and slouchy..
    You could fit your bathroom sink in the bag.. It is quite pricey though
  11. I'm a HUGE fan of the outdoor ligne. It is distressed caviar leather and can really take a beating. Orig. price was around $1800 and one on eBay just went for $1450 a few days ago. This bag can fit A TON. I usually have an extra pair of shoes in there will all my other stuff too - and a water bottle.



    And to get an idea of the size, here it is next to my large MC tote:
  12. Wow! Even an extra pair of shoes. Now that's what I'm talking about! I love both of your bags! A modern chain would be great, but right now the price is a bit much for my budget. I'll keep an eye out for one and a rock and chain on ebay though, they seem like they'd be perfect- especially with the leather on the blue hobo.
  13. i think the large ultimate soft hobo is great! its lambskin though so its really really soft, but i have the medium one like boslvuton and i wear mine a lot and toughened it up really. the large hangs great, its going to be the slouchy feel that you described you liked and the softness is really nice, the inside is fabric so you can toss anything you wan into and the large size is really quite pratical. heres a picture i borrowed from sjunky13 and the link to the reference library just for this ligne.

    and here's chanellover05's thread:
  14. oops heres the picture in case you can't click on the links

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