Slouchy Buttery Soft Inexpensive Leather. Divine.

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  1. Retails at about $230.

    i got it for Christmas. some of you may have heard me ranting and raving about this bag, and i decided to give the "dead" batteries in the digi a chance. here's what i got.

    it's called the Sutton Satchel by B Makowsky. it's Saddle Brown. i LuUurv it. there are currently 2 for sale on Ebay. i have ran it through the ringer. most other bags would be trashed by now. it looks brand new. no water marks, and it goes through rain and snow all the time (i live in coastal MAINE!), it's had half a bottle of flavored fizzy water spilled in it, it gets sat in my car floor, shoved in my work locker, and toted around to various here and theres. this is what it looks like after owning it and beating the everliving out of it for 4 months. wee!

    oh yeah pardon the pjs and the crappy angles of these pix... i'm photoging solo tonight, and i usually have the gayman to help me... hehe...


    haha oopsies i left the front pocket open... my bad! u can see the magnet... thats sexy lol....

    anyways, the leather smells great to this day, and (after close inspection) all of the wear and tear this bag has gotten, the only acctual sign of age is on the edges of the side pockets (will take more pix of cute side pockets later) they're a scoach cracked, but for the price paid for this bag, it should be in shambles by now, all the action it's seen!~

    enjoy! i hope this opens some eyeballs towards B Makowsky... they're lovely and durable!
    Sutton Satchel Slouchy1.JPG satchel slouchy2.JPG satchel with a lil help.JPG satchel hanging front view.JPG satchel comfy fit.JPG
  2. oh and PS it's huge and can hold the WORLD. and the truest color shown would probably be the third pic in. it is NOT orange like my flash makes it lol heh...
  3. oooooohhhh. I think I love this!
  4. Looks deliciously soft. Great classical style as well.
  5. Love the orange color!
  6. Very pretty! Looks like very smooshy soft leather.:P
  7. What a GREAT durable bag!

    I need to see/feel one IRL.
  8. Yummy!
  9. I would not usually have considered B Makowsky bags but I'm glad to hear that it's so durable and hardworking, without costing an arm and a leg.
  10. Thanks for your posting. I recently saw these two Makowski which I quite like but I never heard of the brand and I was wondering if they are worth the investment. Apparently they are :yes:
    makowski1.jpg makowski2.jpg
  11. That looks very nice!
  12. Very nice!!!
  13. I really like that shape! Are they fairly well organized on the inside in terms of pockets and zippered compartments?
  14. haha my handbag is always a black hole regaurdless of pockets on the inside! there is one larger zipper pocket and 2 smaller cellphone sized pockets. the lining of this bag is leopard print (very sexy) all of his bags are acctually lined with the same fabric which i think is neat. i love this bag. looking at it in the daytime, there is also a lil wear on the bottom corners of the bag but like i said before i beat the crap out of it so it's definitely expected! i'm glad people thought this post to be useful! :yes:

  15. i absolutely love this!


    both of the bags you have chosen are lovely. i promise you'd love them yourself. let us know if you purchase one!