Slouchy boots, like them?

  1. What are your thoughts on slouchy boots? do you like them?i bought these boots from DSW today... Plz let me know what you think? i kinda like them, and kinda iffy about keeping them. :shrugs:
  2. oops, the pictures are freaking huge.... sorry...i don't know how to resize them.
  3. I like the color and the slouch but if you've already got a pair I'd return them. If not, they look like definite keepers to me!
  4. I like em too! They'd look good with skinny jeans.
  5. i like them.:yes:
  6. Those boots are hot! I love them.
  7. thanks ladies. that's my thought, i wanna wear them with my skinny jeans. so i guess i'll keep 'em. :yes:
  8. I like em!
  9. I absolutely adore slouchy boots!!! The leather looks yummy! =)
  10. slouchy is sexy!