Slouchinss/breaking in of the GH city bags?

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  1. I just bought my first giant bag (the aqua city -- I started another thread on this the other day) and I'm wondering how this bag will look when broken in. I've seen lots of other fabulous cities from other PFers that have that slouchy, broken-in look, but will my GH city looks like that too? Since it's brand new, it looks like a rectangle, plain and simple. I'm hoping that over time it will get that slouchiness.

    If you have broken-in GH city bags, can you please post pics so we can all see?

  2. Great thread!! I would like to know too! I think any GH bag that are broken in will be very pretty!
  3. Mine broke in really quickly. Somehow, ironically, I was hoping the GH Cities would remain a bit more structured. I knew that wouldn't happen but I enjoyed it while it lasted.
  4. I think it depends on the color/leather. My anthracite was very soft and wrinkly and it basically came broken in. Same with my French Blue. And I just received a Sandstone (yes, I'm guilty of buying another GH bag) today and it is very broken in already. However, my Vert Gazon GH bag isn't broken in yet and I can't wait for it to start relaxing a bit. I've had it a couple months now, but I don't use it often (the DH doesn't know about that one yet, LOL).
  5. I don't have pics of my GH City but it did break in very quickly. I was a little hard on it in order to speed up the process. It looks fabulous!
  6. Glimmer! I wondered if anyone else would feel this way. The thing is, I don't know if the slouchiness really goes as well with the GH...because it's more of a "dressy" look to begin with. Can you show us a pic of your broken in City?

    Actually if any of you could post pics that would great!! I'm ready to be convinced that slouchy + GH = yummy!! :yes:
  7. FF, I'll try to post pics later. But I'm with you... I don't like the slouchy look with the GH because, yeah, the GH is dressier. BUT, I only feel this way about the City. I LOVE how my PTs loosened up, mostly because it takes away the dramatic width of the bag. Cracker, what'd ya get???? You may have a point now that I think about it. My SS loosened up immediately (maybe it was a return that was already used?) but my Truffle is remaining structured. Hmm... I think I'm contradicting myself all over the place. lol
  8. ^^Ugh, I can't do paragraph breaks or smilies! :sad:
  9. I got a Sandstone GH Work. The leather is so smooshy soft, just like my anthracite bags. I actually bought a couple different styles but I'm keeping the GH Work. I like it the best. I'll post pics tomorrow.......:smile:
  10. OMG its so funny but I was wondering the same thing about slouchiness on GH bags.

    But having read all what everyone has said esp. about does it really work to have slouch on a GH bag since they look more upscale, I have to say that I JUST got a flashback for the ivory/cream Brief with gold GH at Balny and it was STUN. NING. Seriously.

    It was the best Brief I've ever seen. I belive Incoralblue mentioned it too. It was TDF and it was soft and very broken in. The leather on it was different though. It was extremely soft and matte, like an older season even! (The assistant told me its from the fall 07 collection).

    Also, I think the whole slouch thing work on the Day bags automatically since their shape is meant to be more casual.
  11. My GH city came really structured! And I was hoping it would stay that way too!! I think with the GH, somehow, it looks better if the leather is not as slouchy as RH... IMO at least.... :graucho:

  12. I agree with you. I like the GH bags slouchy and broken in. It looks as if the Giant hardware is what's holding it together and the leather just drapes off of it. The more I keep thinking about it, I need to get a GH in red-orangish-brown this Fall. What color would that be?
  13. Would you be getting it in nickel? silver GH or gold GH?

    Question though - what's your fave of all the GH bags you have thus far?
  14. That would be SIENNA. I am pretty sure I'm going to do a Sienna Day (I have GOT to give it another try) with GH. Undecided on which GH color.

    Karen, that was on my short list for you to check out but alas!
  15. aHA! finally! :graucho: