Slouchiness Rating

  1. I apologise if this has been done before but my head is spinning trying to work out my list of wanted colour/leather combos for my Paris trip.

    I'm not sure exactly where all the different leathers come on the Rigid - Slouchy scale. To make sure we're all on the same page, I'm talking about a 35 birkin. Sooo, from most rigid to most slouchy 35 birkin, please put these leathers in order (and please add those I've left off):

    Vache Liegee
    PS. My sub-text is that I don't think I can go slouchier than togo...​
  2. good question, I am eager to see it officially listed also
  3. Clememce
    Togo, Swift
    Fjord, Evergrain, Evercalf
    Chevre, Box, Vache Liegee

    This is just my personal opinion......................after 2 glasses of wine. *hic*
  4. Oooo .... this is a question for the experts! I'd love the know the answer too! I'd thought vache ligee and epsom are right at the top :confused1: :confused1:
  5. HG, is this rated from most rigid to most slouchy, or the other way around?

  6. Hehe! Most slouchy to most rigid.....................I did mention I had 2 glasses of wine................:p
  7. I had 3 glasses (maybe 4) of wine and completely understand, HG!!!
  8. Clemence has a bad rep but so far mine is OK. and its a 35cm. she's got a slouchy hip on one side, a "come hither stance", but when i carry her and when shes got stuff in her she's pretty together and not slouchy.
  9. I wouldn't say clemence has a bad rep, it's just super slouchy. That's all! For some people, that is just fine. If you like it, go for it!! Whatever floats your boat!!!!
  10. My 40cm togo birkin is the slouchiest, sloppiest bag I've ever seen my entire life! she also qualifies as the sluttiest with the ways she spreads her handles for everybody to see her goodies! (did I REALLY just say that????)
  11. bum. Is togo really as slouchy as swift? Dammit......
  12. MORE, Grands Fonds. I have swift and it's from 2000 and stands nice and tall. Slutty, however....:cursing:
  13. Oh, and BTW, I'm loving your heart!!! is that new??:heart: :heart: :heart:
  14. i like the slouch because its more casual, but i dont like the slutty slouch [to quote lady emma] so im trying to keep Clemmy from slutting it up for as long as i can. :graucho:
  15. see her little hip slouch?
    i would like it to just end there for a few good long years at least.