Slouchiness of lizard?

  1. I have a hankering for a 25 cm Birkin in matte lizard for use as an everyday bag. The texture of matte lizard makes it more interesting in the neutral colour I have in mind.

    However, I like my bags really slouchy. To those who have 25 cm lizard Birkins, could you tell me if your lizard Birkins get slouchy?

    I understand that lizard and rain do not mix. Does that apply to shiny lizard or matte lizard? Also, do the scales really fall off? Does it make a difference if it is shiny or matte?

    Thanks! :flowers:
  2. roxane - the lizard birkins are pretty stiff....i don't think it's an ideal everyday bag esp. because of it's size but it's still a gorgeous bag!
  3. I have a vintage lizard 35 cm kelly that is in wonderful condition. The scales do not fall off, nor are they lifting anywhere at all. They are not dried or cracking. I think storing it in the bag is key. And sending away for a spa once in awhile. There is a pic of it in the vintage reference thread. It is a sellier, so I have no slouch.

    I just bought a very old lizard Rio clutch. The skin is perfect. It was sent to Claude just for some stitching at the corners. When taken care of, they seem really tough.
  4. Matt lizard is indeed beautiful. Matt lizard has effect that makes look more likely 'metallic'..hmmm....I don't know how to say it correctly.

    Lizard Birkin is stiff. In my opinion, it does not sluchy at all!