Sloppy stitching on my BH handles?

  1. On my BH I just recently got from eluxury, I noticed some very sloppy stitching on the inside of the handles. The stitching looks funny to me and if you look really closely one of the ones on the corner is crooked a bit. I don't know if it is just me, or if all BH's are like this but it has been bothering me ever since I have gotten it. I have included pictures but they aren't too clear since it is hard to photograph. Am I just being too picky or should I exchange it?
    UT 239.jpg UT 241.jpg
  2. It would kind of bother me.
  3. Am I allowed to return it even though I have worn it out for like five days?
  4. That's how the stitches should look on the underside of the straps. It's normal.
  5. Really? Does anyone else think their BH handles stitching are sloppy? Also on two of the handles, the corner stitching is crooked on both of them.
  6. :yes:

    And that's the underside of the strap, no? It's not like it's going to be seen by anyone, not even you while you're carrying it. I'd keep it because 1-it's not exactly something that would warrant an exchange in my opinion, and 2-you've already used it. For every person that would complain about the stitching, there's also someone that would complain about buying a used bag. ;)
  7. Yes! Mine from elux was like that too and yes it bugged me. I did send it back - not just because of that though. Is there a store near you? If you love the BH, but the stitching bothers you that much, send this one back to elux and then go to the store and ask to inspect the straps before you buy it. I don' think all the undersides of the BH straps look that bad.
  8. I was really amazed when I saw the same thing at the LV boutique but I was just browsing to see how a BH looks in real life.
    Later, when I received mine from eBay I noticed the same sloppy stiching :confused1: - good thing that's on the back so you can not see it but still for that amount of $$ I was expecting something more.
  9. Yes. Same here. For that amount of money I expect everything to be perfect, not one stitch out of line.

    I guess this is a normal thing for BH's.
  10. Has anybody ever sewn, stitch, or embroidered anything in their life? The top of the stitching is suppose to be clean and neat, the underside is not.
  11. so its okay if the understitching is crooked?
  12. Yes! Unless a person has two sets of hands and eyes to stitch simultaneously from below and above the the fabric. Yes, the stitching underneath is allowed to be crooked.
  13. Oh no! My bh stiches do not look like that. Elux gives you 60 days to return and even if you've used it and you tell them about this you should be okay. I stopped stopping though elux b/c I was wasting so much money returning items - but there are several lv stores near me. Good luck.
  14. :yes:
    And besides, it's on the underside. If it were on the top I'd say return it. But no one including you will see it.
  15. No, I don't think that it would bother me being on the unde rside and all, but you are the one that has to be happy here so you should do what you feel is right.