Slooooooow shipping rant!

  1. Just venting...... I won & paid for an auction 1/18. Auction states only ships on weekends - fine - I paid friday afternoon. I asked the seller to notify me when shipped.
    never heard, so 1/26 I email asking if shipped & when? Says they already shipped via priority mail should have very shortly. I then get an email notifying me shipping via paypal shipping that very day by parcel post over a week after the auction - and not priority. As of yesterday 1/29 it's obviously still not received. that paypal notification also tells me they printed & paid for a label - not that they actually mailed it yet.

    Why lie? ESPECIALLY when you notify me it was mailed parcel post & not priority?
    It's just so irritating!! I didn't ask them to expedite shipping, even though with that delay I really think they should have. I just can't stand little white lies. They seem to annoy me more than the big ones.

    Anyway - they're getting 1 star for shipping if it ever arrives.

    I know, it's not a huge ordeal, just venting, lol Rant over!
  2. I wish sellers would ship same day as payment ( I do). Of course that's not being realistic, but at least within 1-2 days. I always think a week is way too long if you pay asap. With all the changes eBay is making, I bet sellers ship a bit quicker.
  3. I feel your pain, I won and paid for an item on 1/18 and as of 1/28 I noticed I hadn't received it yet. I contacted the seller and she said she hadn't mailed it yet because her kids were sick and she was running to doctor's appointments. I kind of find it hard to believe that in 10 days, she couldn't spare a few minutes to mail my package. I emailed her and asked her for tracking, but I haven't heard back yet. Pretty soon I'm going to have to file a claim if it doesn't show up.
  4. Ugh!
    I mail same day or the next day since my auctions end at night. This is, of course, assuming the buyers actually pay immediately. I sold a magazine a couple of days ago, they took 2 days to pay, so I took 2 days to send. If they would have paid immediately I would have sent it the next day.
  5. When I do sell I try to ship within 2 days of payment, I hate slow shippers!!
  6. I bin'd it & paid immediately. Of course it still didn't show up yesterday either.
    I can't wait over 1 week to pay therefore I think it's unfair for sellers to ship over 1 week later.

    Geez I I hope she really shipped it!
  7. Sorry but you are being utterly unrealistic. As long as a seller ships within one week I believe that is acceptable. Many sellers have families and jobs and simply don't have the ability to get to the post office within 2 days of an auction ending.

    I personally ship within 24 hours but I am well aware that alot of sellers are not able to do this.
  8. I totally feel your pain! Sellers all the time complain when we don't pay immediately, but when we do they still take a week to ship and then send parcel post. No my favorite ones are the ones who send you the transmitted label thinking that you don't know that trick. Print and then hold until you feel or not send at all.

    I am pretty patient and know that things happened, but don't require me to pay you and you then decide when to ship.

    Just sick of it!
  9. Hi!
    I don't want to start a new thread for my problem (maybe I should? don't know the policy here, I'm new :smile:)..becase it's in the same area..shipping..

    Well, I paid for an item 15th Jan., seller thanked me, and said it would be sent first thing the next morning.. It is supposed to come from UK to Finland..both EU.. How long should it take??? Haven't got it yet :/ Should I report somewhere..I'm also new on eBay..

    Thank you!
  10. ^^^ UK to Finland should take about 9 days depending where in Finland you are. Have you contacted the seller to ask what shipping method they used?
  11. Thank for the fast reply :smile: No I have not asked..I didn't know when it was appropriate.. I wanted opinions first.. But maybe now is the time? :smile: If you say about 9's been 2 weeks..11 business days..
    The mail arrives noon-ish..maybe I should wait until tomorrow noon..and then ask the seller in the afternoon?

    Thanks!! :smile:
  12. I would ask now, nothing wrong in that.
  13. Hi again! :smile: I asked. The seller said it should have been here by now, gave me the DHL trackng number so everything is fine :smile: No-one was probably at home when the delivery-guy came..Wish I had's Saturday tomorrow, and the DHL web pages are lousy, they don't say anything about delivery on weekends..I don't know if I can have the bag tomorrow..

    Thanks! :smile:
  14. <--- not a fan of DHL.
  15. That stinks!! :sad:

    I ship as soon as payment is received. In most cases if it is before 1:30p I will get it out that same day! I think that it is ridiculous that sellers will put silly requirements in their auctions about payment having to be subimtted within 3 days or some other crap-which BTW is not recognized by Ebay so why put it in there?? - and then they take their time getting the item to the buyer. I was reading about one seller who actually sold an item and left negative feedback for the buyer on the 3rd day!! W-T-F!?!? If the seller has your money - your item should be in the mail. PERIOD

    I won an item - like normal I paid instantly (per seller req. pay within 2 days-whatever) and then the seller waited 8 days to ship the item and of course never sent any shipping information-when I asked they were rude about me asking. NEVER will I buy from her again - authentic item or not. I kid you not, my evil side was ready to file a complaint (it was slightly misrepresented-I got over it) when I got it, knowing she would not have been covered because she did not meet the requirements for sellers protection by shipping within 7 days. I DO appreciate the star system for the shipping aspects-too bad they were not accurately populated before I won my item... apparently she sells in spurts and everyone was in the same boat - but now she has a train wreck on her hands as far as her stars go.

    I hope your item arrives safe and sound to its new home soon!:flowers: