sloan's kooba bag on entourage.

  1. i'm not a kooba girl, but i noticed sloan had a kooba bag on the most recent episode of entourage.

    i THINK it's the ginger and in white. looked great with her hair and skin.

  2. picture?
  3. I think it was a white Ginger. Looked amazing on her with her outfit. Absolutely perfect. I am not a big fan of the Ginger, but right after that episode, I was online looking for one!
  4. i LOVE my ginger!!!!
  5. ^Sorry this is off topic, but...

    Bessie, I love your new avatar! You look FAB!
  6. awwww!!!! :smile: thanks so much thats SO sweet :smile: you just made my day seriously ive had the WORST week ever non stop midterms and you just made me SO happy!!!! ;) :heart: ya koobalover
  7. That is a white Kooba Ginger and she's worn it the past 2 episodes!

    Ugh, I just spent 20 min searching and cant find a pic. But if you have digital cable and HBO you can find the episodes under HBO on demand (they're free) :graucho: