Sloane: Weird question!


Mar 31, 2006
Hello Fellow BV-lovers!

I just got my sloane and as much as I like the touch and the color of the bag I keep finding myself thinking that the bag is small. OK, I know it sounds weird! I must say that I usually carry big bags because i like them best and find them more practical. From the pictures of the other members carrying their sloanes I was under the impression that the bag was big. But now IRL I don't know... Will it stretch with the use?

Every input is welcomed! Thanks!


Nov 17, 2006
i am a big bag person *all the fellow BV tpfers know this by now* and i LOVE my sloane. It starts out looking not as big but if you put more stuff in there, you would be surprise how much it holds. And if you are still concern about the size, take a picture of it and you will realize indeed it's a rather roomy bag. Hope this helps! The bag is so practical IMO.
Mar 14, 2006
the lowcountry
^exactly what she said. I do think my sloane is small when I look at it in the mirror, yet I seem to be able to carry everything I carry when I have on a huge bag.

it was actually one of the things that almost made me not get a sloane, and I still wish it were larger, but I guess I love it so much that I've gotten over it.