Sloane Satchel vs Tharpe

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  1. Has anyone seen both of these irl? The Sloane seems like an unpdated version, just flatter outside pockets and bigger strap loops. Any input welcome. Thanks ladies.
  2. I've only seen the tharpe in person, but from the pics on the HH site, I think I prefer the sloane because I like the more traditional, boxy shape and the additional outside pockets. That pewter is unbelievable!
  3. The pewter is a ggorgeous color. I just wish I could see it irl.
  4. #4 Aug 30, 2008
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2008
    I just got the Sloane Satchel and I already had the Tharpe (grey) from the last sale which I love. The Tharpe is very comfortable to carry and it is lightweight. Beautiful leather too. The Sloane Satchel I have is in the Bordeaux colour which is much less brown IRL than it appears online. It is a really beautiful colour. The bag itself is disappointing. The leather is kind of thin, lamb so maybe this is the way it is supposed to be. The straps are described at Lunaboston as having a 10 in drop and being able to fit over a winter coat comfortably. They can't. The top of the bag sits right under your armpit so it can be worn over your shoulder but it is a tight squeeze, even with a t shirt let alone a winter coat. The bag to me just is not worth the price so I may return. The bottom of the bag is sort of structured with what seems to be a piece of cardboard? or something else sewn into the lining. To me this is a $100 dollar bag, not $500. Too bad because the colour is beautiful, the bag is light to carry and there are lots of pockets which is great. I aso got the Bungalow bag during the sale at a great price and was not sure I would like it but I love it. I was sure I would love the Sloane Satchel but for me, it is just O.K. For those who like to carry your bags on the arm, you may find it more suitable than I did.
  5. ^ Oooooh I want the bordeaux sloane! Thats one of two bags I named as the Fall "It-Bag" (at least for me)
    I'm sorry you don't like it... Hopefully it'll work out and you'll find one you love!
  6. TALIA - thanks for your input, sorry it didn't work out for you. Since I missed out on the Tharpe anthracite at the last sale I was hoping the Sloane was similar. Unfortunately it doesn't look like HH is having a LD sale this year, hopefully after the holiday is over they will.