Sloane Noce or Limo Veneta???

  1. Since I can't find a Limo Sloane, I am considering one of two options. I need your help. Should I get the Sloane in Noce or a Limo Veneta? I think I'm leaning towards the Veneta in large but I'm only 5'2" and a lil' worried that the bag will overwhelm me. The medium Veneta seems too small. Miss Piggy, I know you have the medium Veneta. Would you consider it a small bag? Can you fit quite a bit in the bag without it bulging too much? Please help!!! Thanks!:confused1:
  2. Have you considered the small Limo Campana? It is freakin gorgeous and perfect for your frame.
  3. Hi Chloegirl, I have a large Veneta & I just received the Sloane a couple of days ago. I have a 5'2 frame as well and I'm not stick skinny but a wee above normal, whatever normal is these days. I had actually purchased the med veneta before exchanging it for a large veneta, not that the medium veneta looked too small, it was actually quite cute because it was a little smaller. But the smaller opening made it harder for me to get in and out of the bag, and I wanted a more slouchier look to my bag versus the flat look. So therefore I exchanged it for the larger one & haven't regretted it since. As far as the Sloane, Im using it for the first time sits higher than the large veneta for now, because it hasn't slouched yet. But I love the way you can just swing it on your shoulder push it back and go with it. But since I know you've been wanting a Sloane, go with what you really want first. The Sloane also has a ton of room in it. Although, both bags are great ... and a Veneta has a very comfy fit to it, I think the question would be which one would you by first then 2nd. heheh BV's are very addictive.. you cant just have one~! :popcorn:
  4. Oh yeah, I returned the Ebano Sloane to Bluefly last week and its due to arrive there on 5-16-07 so be on the look out for it for anyone who's interested.
  5. I say Limo Veneta!
  6. I'm partial to the Veneta and at 5'1" I prefer the Medium. Good luck with your choice!
  7. I love the Sloane but it is a very different bag that the Veneta . . . I have the Limo Veneta in the smaller size and even at 5'8" I love it -- it is a nice change of pace from some of my larger bags and yet still fits over my shoulder and under my arm and holds a fair amount. My only issue w/ the Sloane was that it felt a little bulky on me . . . agree w/ a poster that a Campana in Limo could fit the bill! I have one in Ebano and adore it. good luck deciding :smile:
  8. Thanks for all your advice. Oogiewoogie, you need to post pics of your Sloane. Do you love it? Can't wait to see it!
  9. The med is not a small bag by any means, it measures 13" wide. It's able to fit all my stuff and I do carry a fair bit around (way too much). I chose the med and not large as I wanted to use it for work and the large has a casual vibe to it. If you have average frame for your height, large should be ok (unless you're petite frame). Go for it.

    I guess you've gotta ask yourself which do you like best in terms of design and colour. I would say design is prob more important as you gotta like how it looks and functions, else it would just stay in the closet. Having said that, do keep in mind certain colours are seasonal and hence would be sold out if you wait too long. Classic colours and designs are the staples that would be available all-year round.

    Have fun deciding and do post your decision and the bag! :yes:
  10. I'm 5'4 and have a lg. Veneta. I much prefer the large. The medium was just too tiny for me - also it was harder to wear on my shoulder (under my arm) if it was stuffed at ALL. I actually wish the large Veneta was larger - I guess i'll get a maxi in the fall.

    That said I much prefer the style and shape of the Veneta. So limo Veneta it is!
  11. chloegirl......i looovvvee it!!!! I will def. get pictures posted up.. I couldn't resist so I also bought the matching zip wallet.. which is coming in on Monday, Ill post pictures on Mon. Honestly, the opening of the Veneta is easier to get in and out of because of the larger opening. The sloane has a flap over closure and the opening isn't as wide. But, even with that... the shape is gorgeous. All I could say.. is both bags have there positives & negatives. I honestly couldn't say which bag to choose over which... (just buy BOTH!) :tender: But, before buying... take a trip to the store and try both on & take your time. Go with your gut, & don't let anyone persuade you differently. With either bag.. you wont be disappointed. :yes:
  12. Yea!!!! BV located a Limo Sloane for me!!!! :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo: I wanted this bag in Limo so much it HURT! Oogiewoogie, just seeing the pic of your bag literally makes me drool. :drool: Thanks y'all for all your advice!! There was a happy ending to this post.
  13. CONGRATULATIONS! I know what's its like when you want something so much and you finally get it!!! Yipee, good for you.

    Do post action pics when you get the little darling - hmmmm, I just love seeing all you ladies in action with your BVs... Remember!
  14. chloegal, that's wonderful news! Congrats. :party:

    mlbags, thanks for being a pal in edging for more action pics! :yes:
  15. Congrats! Please post pictures when you get yours. =)