sloane help....

  1. i really like sloane from all the pics that i have seen here in the forum. but i really cannot visualize this bag on me. My NM did not have then in stock last time i went there.
    does anybody have a modelling pic?
  2. I went to Bottega today and had a great deal of time to handle all of the bags. If you want some info on this me_love_purse just pm me.
  3. I Love It!
  4. Too beautiful for words:heart::heart:
  5. does anyone know how tall the PF'er in the picture? I am fairly short, and worried it will look funny on me.
  6. I am only 5'1" and the bag looked perfectly fine on me size wise. I never thought it was too large or too little. You will be fine MLP. Don't worry about that. If you carried the large Veneta, then the Sloane will be fine.
  7. KB,
    i went to NM today and tried it on. i actually like it best. and you are right... it is not too big on me at all.
  8. Great news...glad it worked for you!
  9. Have you decided which one you are getting yet Me_Love_Purse?:yes:
  10. M,
    probably sloane..... but i have to hunt for the bright colors.... my local NM said that the company only buys dark brown (ebano) and bone (dont really know what color it is....).
  11. ^^Good luck! I hope you find one soon!:smile:
  12. I'm guessing either limo or pergamena. Both of which are equally gorgeous! :yes:
  13. The bone is an ivory color. I'm interested in opinons of it, please!!!
  14. That would be the Pergamena, an ivory cream colour. I have it in the french wallet with Limo patent braids. The ivory cream is absolutely soft and gorgeous. Totally a neutral that would be great for S/S or F/W. I would love to see the Sloane in Pergamena.